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Plumbing theory - just a couple of hours study every week at home is all you need !

It's not so difficult as you think! The Plumbing 6129 Level 2 Theory is just one training manual only and this is divided into less than a dozen easy sections for instant reference . After each section there are handy self assessment questions to test if you can remember the key points.

Once you've got the theory under your belt - then it's straight down to the practical!For those of you who already have had an acquaintance with the odd plumbing task - such as trying to fix a leaking tap - or perhaps have come from a related industry, then retraining is going be fairly straightforward. Even if you have not had any real hands-on experience with plumbing, the theory basics range from the 'common-sense' to background knowledge and more involved technical information.

For example, the Health & Safety section will tell you about what possible dangers you should look out for on site, descriptions of safety signs, protective equipment and clothing and what to do when an accident occurs. All very straightforward and should present no problem in remembering when answering the self assessment questions.

The key is maintaining at least one or two hours study per week, regular as clockwork, somewhere quiet in your own home. Its not as if you have to wade through a handful of different books - all the information you will need to pass the 6129 Level 2 Theory is neatly contained in just the one integrated manual, so you just need to take the manual plus some sheets of paper and a pen and lock yourself into the spare bedroom or the garden shed for an hour or so at least once a week.