Self-Employed Plumbers may need an accountant at this rate!


We talked about a 4.7% rise in June for self-employed plumbers, but yet again the statistics show a steady rise in pay again from July. 15.8% is the increase in July which is staggering. This should be a powerful message to young people as these figures don't come from the traditional gig like work, but they come from those who are self-employed this should encourage people to take the power into their own hands, be your own boss and enjoy the financial freedom that comes with it!


Plumbing courses

Plumbing student enjoying getting stuck into some practical experience!


This is equivalent to an annual salary of more than £59,000 putting plumbers into the top 6% of households by income. Plumbers are in demand more now than ever. The industry is in desperate need for qualified and highly skilled Plumbers that are able to carry out a range of different plumbing work across the UK.

To become a qualified plumber required some great training, here at Able Skills we have instructors with years of experience both working for themselves in the industry and also years of teaching. There is no better place to gain advice, tips and tricks...they know the trade-in every way and have dealt with all of the problems and little tasks that you will most likely experience when working as a plumber.

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Well, we have a range of diffrent Plumbing courses that can take you from little to no experience to then achieving a qualification. For example our City & Guilds Level 2 course You will learn how to take your first steps to become a qualified Plumber. This level 2 Plumbing qualification is perfect for those of you who do not currently work within the Plumbing industry but who are looking to change career. The qualification forms the basis of knowledge for all modern domestic plumbing and is, therefore, an excellent starting point for anyone looking for a career as a Plumber. Equally, it is also suitable for those of you already working in the plumbing industry and who require in-depth technical knowledge and qualifications without completing an apprenticeship. This is an industry recognised, formal trade qualification and is required in order for candidates to progress further in the trade!


Plumbing courses

Plumbing Courses here at Able Skills in Dartford.


Training as a Plumber can be lots of fun, valuable and life-changing, however, you need to make sure you are getting the correct training that will give you the skills and qualifications needed to work as a Plumber. When looking for a suitable training centre to learn the trade you need to consider two things, the qualifications on offer and whether it’s an approved centre from an industry recognised training board.  Able Skills are a City & Guilds approved centre and also approved by BPEC - we offer a whole range of different plumbing training courses that result in trusted qualifications.

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If you need some more information on the Plumbing courses that we offer then first check out website all the details about each and every course can be found there. Otherwise, call 08081003245! Or,  come straight into our office between the opening hours of 8:30 - 4:30 we would be happy to explain your options in terms of Plumbing courses or any other training and show you around our facility!