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Property Development Skills - Former Electrical student returns for New Entrants Gas Course

gas courseProperty development remains a lucrative market to delve into for those with the skill set to do so. Could learning a trade be anymore useful? With all the opportunities out there, student Tony Vucaj saw the potential when he initially enrolled onto the Domestic Installer Course and applied what he learnt to numerous lucrative projects.

Now returning for his New Entrants Gas Training Package (one of the many possible Gas Courses), he aims to take his property development skills to the next level.

Let's find out a bit more Tony and his time here at Able Skills...

Good to see you back Tony, can you tell us a bit more about your experience on the Gas Course?


Well I'm currently on my 5th week out of 7 and I can honestly say it's brilliant for such a great price. The way the course is taught is great and the tutors really know their stuff. I had no previous experience, hence the New Entrants Gas Training Package which will allow me to work on properties straight away.

I looked at it as a great investment which will make me so much more.

gas courseSmart! So would you say it was what you were expecting?


It was more than what I expected. As i say I had no previous experience with Gas and this course allows me to gain quick entry into the industry. What I know now is amazing and I look forward to my final exams.

Nice to know you're confident! Can you tell us a bit more about what you were doing before?


So I was on the Domestic Installer Course as you know. The day after I passed, I was able to work on properties myself rather than pay for guys to come in. I really felt a sense of accomplishment having passed as it helped me realised you can achieve any qualification at any age. I thought it would be too late but at 37 I learnt a new skill I can make a lot of money from.

Very positive! May we ask how you initially found out about us?


My friend actually told me to check you guys out. He did his City & Guilds Level 3 Electrical Course here and informed me Able Skills offer Domestic Installer Courses too. I arrange to come down and have a look and I was very impressed at the facilities provided.

The whole set up here is fantastic and we're given a lot of practical tasks that keep us engaged.

Kind Words Tony! So it straight back to property development after this?


Yep that's right. I'm going to apply what i've learnt on various properties before coming back to become a fully qualified Electrician and gain my JIB Gold Card. Another thing I like here is the fact that I can gain widely recognised qualifications certified by the like of City & Guilds and Bpec.

It's great to know that learning a trade offers such great opportunities for those who work in construction. Whether you're a domestic installer, a fully qualified Electrician or a Gas Engineer, just remember the kind of doors that can open for you.

Tony went into property development and he'll be the first to tell you about the rewards of such market. If you would like to follow in Tony's footsteps, then click here for the various Electrical Courses and here for all the Gas Courses we offer!