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Scam Alert: Build your work portfolio the right way!


work portfolioBuilding your work portfolio alongside a Gas Safe Registered Engineer is a simple and common step to becoming one yourself. A full work portfolio consists of you learning and demonstrating that you are competent in various aspects of your trade, taking you on your journey to work independently in the future. Now we all want results as soon as possible, however ensuring we are capable of working with the public and meeting their needs demands a realistic placement offering to do so in detail.

Now please do not be fooled. We ask aspiring students to not only be realistic, but to value their time and money when selecting which company to build their work portfolio with.

Ask Yourself this:

Would you hire someone to fix your boiler if they told you they became competent in just 1 week? Of course not!

It would be a waste of your hard earned money, not to mention the safety hazards that are associated with such incompetent work. Such necessary competence requires great in depth experience and can be completed over a period of time that allows you to deal with both simple and complex work. Typically, an adequate work portfolio placement can take between 3 and 6 months.


work portfolio


Able Skills are proud to hold an exclusive partnership with Boiler Medic who are a Gas Safe Registered Company. This means they are legally allowed to complete Gas work and teach others how to do so too. This placement is strictly for those who have studied with Able Skills only and our students are truly very lucky as we are able to guarantee them a work portfolio placement with them. Yes, only if you have undertaken a gas course with US, do we GUARANTEE a placement. We do not offer anything that doesn’t offer any real weight in the real world and our only aim to prepare students for the real world through course excellence and support thereafter.

Here's a clip that gives more insight into how Boiler Medic works

Boiler Medic operates by working around you and your schedule.

Tied down with work commitments?

Boiler Medic will make sure your placement is secure by taking you on jobs when it suits you! We remind you to please take your time and do your own research as the LEGAL requirement to completing your work portfolio and becoming Gas Safe registered is far more than just one week. Find out more about the placement which is ONLY AVAILABLE to those who have undertaken a gas course with Able Skills.

For more information of securing a work portfolio placement, please feel free to visit us at our Training Centre in Dartford between 8.30 and 4.30 7 days a week. Alternatively, you can reach us on 0808 100 3245.