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Skills Shortage is holding back building projects

The continued skills shortage in the construction industry is still causing issues with building work all over the UK. Building projects are being held back due to the inability to find the right skilled and qualified workers in all construction trades.

More people are being encourage to train and join the construction industry for a new career and to help with the skills shortage that is affecting lots of building work. The housing crisis is being dealt a blow due to building projects being slowed up because of the lack of skilled workers in the UK for all construction and technical trades.

The plan to build one million new homes by 2020 is looking increasingly unlikely due to the skills shortage, because there isn't enough skilled workers out there. A lot has been done to try and get more people to get training and working within the construction industry. However, there is so much work available with building work going on everywhere in the UK that more are needed.

People looking for a change of career should consider the construction industry as the regular stream of work means you will not be struggling to get work. A new start and a fresh career may be the best thing you could do. An active career with regular work.

Hundreds of people have been training at Able Skills for a new career in one of the many construction trades and some people have started training in more than one trade.

The Telegraph have written about the skills shortage still remaining an issue in the construction industry:

"Despite a slowdown in activity in the period, skills shortages in the sector still remain an issue: more than half of the respondents to the survey said the lack of appropriately skilled labour, particularly bricklayers and quantity surveyors, was holding back building projects."

If a new career is for you and you think that you can be successful in the construction industry then why not go for it. Men and Women are all needed to join the industry and get working.... For good wages as well!

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