'Smart Meters' What's The Latest?


You may have seen on the news recently the controversy surrounding 'smart meters'... the problem is that they have not been installed at the target rate set by the government. They have recently set a new target that hopes to implement the devices in 85% of the public's homes by 2024! Of course, it is not compulsory to have a device, but they do have some great beneficial properties now that the existing problems have been solved!


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'Smart Meters' What's The Latest?


What is its purpose?


The devices do have some great benefits - aiming to put an end to estimated bills and give homeowners an accurate read of their energy and gas usage. The information is sent through a wireless connection almost in real-time, which should see people receive a completely spot-on reflection of their use and cost!


The problem?


Not so 'smart' after all...It has come to light recently that this first wave of devices are faulty, faulty because if the homeowner switches electric or gas providers the devices will go 'numb' as in completely pointless. This is a great concern as the purpose of the device is to help people take control of their home and if they think their current provider is not as good as another and decide to make the switch the device should follow suit.  The newest versions of these meters do work correctly and are hopefully going to be installed and efficiently help people take control of their home's footprint and bills!


What do traders need to know?


Well...Gas engineers and Electricians may want to pay attention as the newly released target means that somebody needs to install these devices in peoples homes. This could mean a profitable side hustle for tradesman - understanding how to install these devices could prove profitable in the coming years so do not discard the idea altogether - take advantage and add installation of 'smart meters' to your resume! The tech can be installed easily and quickly but do require some expert knowledge which means the public will require the services of a professional! - Some of the meters will be rolled out free of charge to the homeowner but there are specific devices that will need the assistance of a professional, do your research and make some extra cash!


Looking for training?


If you are looking for some training then you are in the right place...Able Skills has been teaching students a variety of different trades for 18-years now! We have the expertise, facilities and instructors to take you from novice to professional. Some of our most popular courses are Gas courses and Electrician courses - Whether you are inexperienced or a  professional seeking more advanced courses like 18th edition courses for electrics or boiler fault finding courses for Gas enginers - we have got you covered!

Gas training: 


At Able Skills, we have Gas courses that are specifically geared towards new entrants. For example, the Gas New Entrant Gas Training Package is 7-weeks in total, you will learn the skills that are required for you to eventually be in a position to register with Gas Safe. This package of Gas courses is devised to take you to step by step through the various training in the essential skills required to become a safe and competent Gas Engineer!

Electrical training:


\We run many diffrent Electrician courses from 18th Edition to Gold Card Approved Electrician  - which is the ultimate package when looking to become a working professional in electrics and is the best options for those newcomers who are serious about taking on the trade full-time! You will save money taking this course instead of taking the individual courses when you book this package of electrical training. Almost everything that is available at Able Skills from an electrical point of view has been put into this package which exceeds the requirements of a JIB Gold Card!

We offer a huge range of electrical courses and packages that will keep you up to date, qualified and professional. It doesn't matter what your current skill level is, even with no experience whatsoever, with our help you can begin on the pathway to a career in the field, we even run an Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics. This 10-day course is City & Guilds recognised, meaning that you will receive a certificate upon completion.


Additional Information:


If you need some additional information about any of the Gas courses or Electrical courses talked about throughout this article or for bookings...Do not hesitate to get into contact with us, you can do this is a couple of ways, firstly give us a call on 01322 280 202 and we can assist you in choosing the right course for you, provide information and guide you on the best path to achieving your goals. Alternatively, you can come into our office, to discuss Gas courses or any other Electrical training that we provide, which is located in the middle of our training centre Unit 5, here in Dartford, we are easy to find as we are just a short walk away from the train station.

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