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Here at Able Skills, we take health & safety very seriously, especially in gas as there are so many opportunities for risks that need to be controlled. We strongly urge that any student completing a Gas course with us applies to the Gas Safe Register! Today we'll be looking at carbon monoxide poisoning, around 50 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning and that figure seems to be increasing year after year! This could be due to the fact that people have more access to appliances in this day and age or it could be an issue with awareness - so we continue to do our bit to raise awareness of this lethal issue.


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Get yourself a carbon monoxide alarm such as this one and stay safe!


New Freedom of Information disclosures from UK Fire Services show incidents of poisoning rose from 2450 incidents in 2014 to 3249 in the last 12 months - an increase of 32%! It has been estimated that around 40 million people are at risk because they have no alarm, this is a ridiculous statistic these devices are inexpensive and can be purchased from a number of stores and even on Amazon for as little as £10! These detectors are small and could be the difference between being at risk and being safe...If you suspect that your home is at risk from a gas leak then make sure that there are no naked flames throughout the house, it has come to light that gas engineers often see lit candles in properties that have reported a suspected gas leak!

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If you are looking for some comprehensive, hands-on gas courses, then you are in the right place - whether you are an experienced plumber looking for gas training courses or a completely new entrant, we have specifically designed training programmes for you!

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If you are a new entrant to the world of plumbing, meaning you have little to no experience of the trade whatsoever - then our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2 is the absolute best way to start...The course is a 7-week learning programme that aims to develop you into a capable tradesman geared with all the correct knowledge, ability and know-how. Accompanied by guidance on putting together a portfolio of work and completing an ACS assessment, which are both essential when looking to register with

Experienced plumber?


Already a working plumber looking to add gas to your arsenal? well, we have specially devised Gas courses for this route. We know that this is a typical route for people to take especialy if you're working as a self-employed plumber the ability to carry out gas work equals more opportunity and money! Our Qualified Plumber Gas Training Package 2 is Bpec accredited and following successful completion of this course (and the gathering of on the job evidence via a portfolio placement with a Gas Safe registered Engineer), you will be issued with a Bpec Gas Foundation Certificate which will make you eligible to undertake ACS assessments. Again which is required when looking to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer!

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If you would like to contact us about any of the Plumbing courses or Gas courses / weekend training or anything we offer then you have a few options; the fastest method of contacting us regarding gas courses would be to call us during opening hours (8:30-16:30) on 08081003245! If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff in person then feel free to come down to our office we will show you around our facilities and answer any questions. We are based in Dartford just a short walk away from the train station.

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Our Gas Training Courses Come With World Wide Industry Recognised Accreditation!