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The Importance of Health & Safety On-site

Recently fines have been handed out to two construction companies and a director after a man was seriously injured after falling from scaffolding in Reading.


Situations such as this can be easily avoided by following and understanding the right procedures. Health & safety is an important factor in construction work and should never be overlooked.

At Able Skills, we will teach you the codes and conventions of the workplace so that you can correctly avoid any problems that could cause you or fellow workers harm.

The worker fell from the scaffold tower and landed on the road below, he suffered a serious head injury, which has led to long term brain injury and memory problems. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive found the principal contractor failed to control the safety on the site and that the sub-contractor carried out unsafe work practices.

Health & Saftey is of great importance in the workplace, especially when working on-site with specialist equipment.


If you are interested in getting some quality construction trading in; bricklaying, tiling, plastering, carpentry or painting & decorating you will need to understand the basics of health and safety within the trade.

We offer a range of courses and all will include the producers and regulations you need to follow to not only be a competent worker but be respected as a professional. Proving that you are a worker who knows what they are doing and can ensure a safe work environment is really improtant. With our courses, you can also qualify to apply for a CSCS card!

What is a CSCS Card?


Construction Services Certification Scheme' (CSCS) Card is Government legislation that is in place to ensure that everyone working within the construction industry has received sufficient Health & Safety awareness training and can show proof of that training by having in your possession a CSCS Card.

Depending on the trades you have qualifications in, and your level of expertise you will need a diffrent card. Find out more information about CSCS cards and their uses, here at their website -



You are a construction business owner? Then you should recommend Able Skills so that your workers have the right understanding of health and safety and improve their overall ability. Not only is health and safety important to avoid injury, but there are also plenty of other long term benefits that your business stands to gain. By implementing the right health and safety procedures, your employees are much more likely to be happier in their construction roles. If your workers have the right knowledge and tools, it can boost morale on the construction site and lead to better productivity.


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