The Plumbing Industry's 'Smart' Appliances, should we use them and what do Plumbers need to know?


There are so many ways that technology is being implemented with our daily lives, from the computer burning a hole in our pocket every day to the smart TV that you go home and watch. Technology is a part of our daily lives there is no way around it...I'm sure you have seen or may even have a smart meter that tracks your household usage of gas and electric and give the homeowner an estimated bill.

Well, the plumbing industry has their own similar devices, let's take a look at a few examples, see their uses and understand what plumbers need to know if asked to install, use or implement these devices into customers homes, which could become more popular in the coming years as people intend to modernise and electronically control their homes.

Leak Detectors:


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Leak Detectors can be a convenient way to check for leaks on the job or at home...


Firstly...Leak Detectors can be a convenient way to check for leaks on the job or at home, they are cheap, portable and small and will emit a sound if and when a leak is found in the area it is placed. They're great for basements, underneath kitchen or bathroom sinks or behind toilets. These battery-powered, small devices connect to a mobile app through a smart home hub or Wi-Fi to warn you if water touches the sensor. You'll get a push notifications to straight your phone. This device, in particular, may not be the most useful to plumbers themselves as if you've been called about a leak there most likely is one, but this may be useful to check quickly after completing installations and so on.

Water Monitoring Systems:


Water monitoring systems are devices that can monitor your entire home's water supply. Some can even shut off the water in a catastrophic failure event. These typically install at your water meter or your home's main water supply and require a Wi-Fi connection and app.


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Flo is the leading example of water monitoring systems for the home.


This device can be installed easily by the homeowner or for more complicated set-up a plumber may be needed for installation, which could easily become a job on the side to do for some extra money. You can use the device once installed correctly to see all kinds of statistics from your daily, weekly and monthly consumption to water pressure, temperature and flow rate. Simply another way to take control of the home and monitor your footprint as a household!

Smart Sinks:


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Smart sinks bring voice commands to the kitchen faucet...


This one may or may not take off and is a very niche, however it does have its uses, particularly for disabled people or just those who want to have the latest innovations. The device will mean that you can completely control your sink connected to Alexa via your voice...the sink will respond to custom commands that are supposed to make everyday tasks easier, such as filling a kettle or a watering can, a child’s sippy cup or a dog bowl. The sink will dispense exact amounts in ounces, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, litres, millilitres, and also monitors kitchen faucet water usage over time.

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