With Tottenham's new stadium having already transformed the look of the High Street, they will be hoping the new housing, retail and office complex continues their attempts to benefit the local community and gives a new look to White Hart Lane.


Tottenham Hotspur's £1bn new stadium was already a massive construction, however, the club has plans to enrich White Hart Lane further with a range of new building sites. The club plan to transform a local site previously used for storage of materials that built the stadium into 330 new homes, with 35% of them affordable homes, along with new retail and office space and a public space backing on to the street.

Projects like this are so important to the local area, it will not only attract people generally, but it will improve the lives of local residents. After their success in the Champions League and reaching the finals, Tottenham have broadened their horizon and are planning to improve not only in football but in the culture and community of North London.

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Tottenham's new stadium during construction.


Building over 316 homes is extremely beneficial to the local area, it is a great contribution to the community, this scheme will bring jobs for people working in construction and obviously homes for people to live in. The economy of the area will also improve with the influx of new people!

The plans made it seem that there will be residential towers up to 21 storeys in height, and a mix of lower-rise accommodation as well as community, retail, leisure and employment space. New office spaces will also allow for new companies to come into the area.

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