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This has been a difficult few months for everyone, some people may be seeking new job opportunities and a shift in lifestyle. Plumbing is a great trade to have under your toolbelt, plumbers are always in demand. Here at Able Skills, we can help with the entire process from absolute beginner to an expert level. We have been teaching Plumbing courses for many years and we know the industry very well, providing industry-recognised City & Guilds qualifications to successful students. We have worked hard to ensure that we are proving a centre that is safe and reliable to be at, making sure we adhere to the government's advice surrounding social distancing and so on. We are happy to say that you can contact us and get started now!


plumbing courses

Plumbing courses at Able Skills.


How do I get started?


Well, firstly ask yourself if you have any experience whatsoever in the trade, maybe you've done a bit of DIY in the past and you're confident that you want a career in plumbing. If that is the case then you should look at our Level 2 Plumbing course - This course is a great starting point and will give you a comprehensive understanding of the trade, starting with the very basics and progressing to more challenging aspects of the trade. Gaining an understanding of domestic plumbing means covering both theory and the practical side over a period of 6-weeks to enable you to work successfully as a Plumber.


If you don't have any experience and would like to gain an understanding of the basics as well as getting a taste of the trade then our Introduction to Plumbing is a great way to test your hand and get stuck in with some hands-on practical experience. This short intensive course is ideal for those of you who want some basic introductory plumbing skills with a City and Guilds certificate at the end. It is ideal for individuals who want to gain an insight into plumbing, maybe with a view to progressing further and achieving qualifications like our Level 2 Plumbing course.



Is the centre safe?


As you can see in the video above students are wearing face coverings...Here at Able Skills we take the health and safety of both our students and staff very seriously and have been working hard to ensure that we are doing everything we can to provide a reliable, clean and safe learning environment. We already have social distancing measures in place; keeping students separate, fogging the entire centre, hand sanitiser located throughout, PPE, lower numbers of students etc. We will continue to adhere to the government advice as things develop and aim to provide a helpful and effective space for students to develop their trade skills.


Why not get started at home!


If you are still wary about attending the centre or you are busy working from home, thinking about changing careers then you should look into our Home-Study options. Our Home Study Level 2 Plumbing Course option, for example, is a great way to get learning in your own time and space. This course works by giving you the materials needed to learn the theory surrounding the trade of plumbing, our 'Home-Study Pack' will include everything you need and can be sent to you straight away! You will need to take your time with this 'Home-study pack' to ensure that you have understood all of the information; once you are confident in the theory you will be able to book four separate weeks of training at our centre and to complete the relevant assessments.



Additional Information:


To contact us regarding any of the Plumbing courses that we offer simply call 0808 100 3245! Currently here at Able Skills, we are running Plumbing courses, Electrician Courses, Gas courses and Bricklaying courses with the rest of the construction trades planned to return on the 3rd of August! We have everything in place to ensure social distancing and maintain a safe and reliable training centre for both our students and staff in accordance with government guidelines. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help in any way that we can!


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