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Try one of the Home Study Courses

We offer home study courses at Able Skills in plumbing and electrical.

The hardest part of starting a new career is taking the time out to train without getting paid. This alone is enough to put people off starting a new career and they will end up staying in a job they hate. However, the home study courses has allowed people to train and work at the same time.

When deciding to start a new career, it can work out quite expensive and some people will not be able to be out of work for that long while training. Our home study options allow people that are looking to become Plumbers and Electricians to study the theory of their course at home.

Home study courses have become very popular due to the flexibility it offers with the training. We offer the home study package of learning for three courses, which are:

This has allowed people to make the perfect start in training towards their new careers without having to give up their current jobs and go unpaid. With all three home study courses, all the theory work is completed in the students own time, so they can easily fit it around their working lives.

We offer various home study courses at Able Skills in electrical and plumbing. We offer various home study courses at Able Skills in electrical and plumbing.

Once they feel confident with their theory work they will then contact us to book in for their practical training. For each course the students are required to complete four weeks of practical training and online exams. These four weeks of training do not have to be completed in a block, they can be split up into separate weeks. This allows our students to be even more flexible with their training because they can fit their practical training around their personal and working lives.

To get started on either of the home study courses you will need to pay £500 and we will get your home study pack sent out to you in the post, so you can get started straight away and when you feel ready you book your practical training. Each week you come to our centre to train you will need to pay £500 and you will complete practical work and assessments and all your online exams.

If you are interested in starting a home study course you can book online or contact us on 0808 100 3245. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about how to course works and what you need to do in your own time.