The industry needs to make some changes to prepare for the future as they look at digitalisation in 2020


The UK construction industry is always developing in many diffrent ways, but in terms of adopting new technology in the past, they have been slow. However, a survey of 200 decision-makers in the UK construction industry reveals 2020 will be a pivotal year for the uptake of digital solutions.


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UK construction industry improve digitisation in 2020!


54% of these 200 people have agreed that in the past the construction industry as a whole has been very slow in terms of implementing digital strategies and tech. After realising the benefits of investment in new technology, there is now an industry-wide shift towards upgrading and updating. The positive effects of digitalisation are obvious, there is so much room for improvement that would speed up the entire building process, improve health & safety and provide rapid communication.

One of the things that are beginning to gain huge traction within construction companies and SME's is BIM. Building Information Modeling is a is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure. Basically the move from blueprints being 2D to 3D is hugley important and can be extremely beneficial to architects, construction companies and the like. The tool goes into so much detail that would be impossible to visualise without this technology, for example, even sunlight can be simulated to see how natural lighting would be in the location of the building and much much more it is not just being able to look at a building in 3D before it's built it provides you with a very large amount of useful data.

Overall it is an exciting time for the industry, 2020 seems like the year to get involved, there is still currently a skills gap which means that companies, especially smaller companies are finding it very hard to gather as many skilled workers as they need, causing a demand that you could fill with the help of our training centre! 

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Maybe you are an experienced worker seeking an NVQ, or you have no experience whatsoever...All are welcome. If you are coming to our training centre without any previous knowledge at all then we would recommend taking one of our introductory courses before embarking on a full-time City & Guilds course and beyond. For example, If you are looking to take on one of our Carpentry courses but you've got minimal experience then take our Introduction to Carpentry Course first so that you can learn the fundamentals, see if you like it and decide from there. If upon completion of the introductory you feel ready to carry on then the next logical step would be our City & Guilds Carpentry Course which can result in a City & Guilds certificate if successful!


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