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Variety of tiling courses for different career goals!

There are lots of courses to choose from, but how do you know which is right for you?


Here at Able Skills, we have many diffrent choices regarding tiling, it all depends on your skill level and previous knowledge of tiling, today in our centre we have many new starters that have just begun on their journey towards a career in tiling. Our diffrent tiling courses are specifically suited to particular skill levels and therefore somebody unfamiliar with more advanced tiling cannot enrol on certain courses. If you are still not sure which course is for you after reading this article then come into our office and we can help guide you!

No experience?


If you are looking to start a career or you want to change your line of work and get into tiling, there are a few options in front of you. Firstly if you don't know where to begin, you've got no experience and not a clue about tiling then you should first focus on a 5-day Introduction to Tiling Course this will give you the absolute basics such as preparing your area, setting out, cutting and laying tiles and finishing (grouting and cleaning).

If you have already attempted tiling here and there and you feel as though you really want to commit to tiling and take it on as a profession once you leave us here at Able skills then why don't you take on a 6-week City & Guilds Tiling Course which will earn you a City & Guilds Certificate, this course involves intensive practical training, you will be supplied with all the tiles, tools and advice you need!


These two students are coming to the closing days of their respective courses, and are undergoing end of course assessments. One is on a 6-week City & Guilds Tiling Course which will land him with a City & Guilds Certificate. The other is taking an NVQ Level 2 Course which involves the units seen in the 6-week course plus an additional 2-weeks of NVQ preparations.

What is an NVQ?


An NVQ or National Vocational Qualification is a competency test that will see you evaluated on-site. This qualification is proof of your ability, knowledge and on-site competency. It is a respected qualification to have and is recognised by all companies working within the industry.

Normal route:

The normal route if for students who haven't been working in the tiling industry for at least 5-years! You will need to be assessed on-site, this could be anything from working on a new build or doing tiling somebody's house. You will have to be in employment to take the NVQ test we cannot find you a site to be assessed on we only provide the assessor.

Experienced worker route:

The EWPA or Experienced Worker Practical Assessment route is available to you If you are already a skilled worker and you have at least 5-years of experience working out in the industry, then you can be assessed here at Able Skills, you will have to show proof of this through employment records, etc



If you are just looking to do some DIY with the skills you learn here at Able Skills, we have specific courses for you already! They are designed to focus on domestic bathroom & kitchen tiling that will upon completion allow you to freshen up your home! Check out our full list of tiling courses and DIY specific course here: 


More information:


If you want some more information about any of these tiling courses, you can come to our centre. We are open 7-days a week! Come in anytime between 8:30 - 4:30. Or, if you would prefer to talk to  us feel free to call us with any questions or for bookings at - 0808 100 3245


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