When training to become a qualified Gas Safe Engineer, the time you spend completing your work placement will become one of, if not the most vital part of your learning. 

After developing the essential skills required of gas engineers through a combination of practical tasks and classroom theory learning, your portfolio completion period offers the chance to put those skills into practice under the supervision of an experienced Gas Safe Engineer. 

This is an essential period as for the first time you’ll be operating in real-world situations, in which you’ll be able to prove you can undertake gas work in a safe and competent fashion. 

When you complete your training with Able Skills, we’ll pair you with a Gas Safe Registered engineer from Boiler Medic, who will make sure you meet all the requirements of the portfolio and allow you to move onto your formal gas assessments (ACS).

What’s involved in this section? 

Boiler Medic engineers know exactly what is required for your portfolio to be successfully completed. They’ll ensure that throughout this assessment period you go above and beyond covering all the essential areas of gas work that are necessary for you to progress to the next stage of your training.

Gaining this workplace experience is vital, as it will provide situations that are impossible to fully replicate in a training environment. You might have to deal with serious leaks, or other hazardous situations which will form essential crisis-management experience that is often required in the career of a gas engineer. 

Why Able Skills’ portfolio placement is different

Our partnership with Boiler Medic means the placement stage of your gas training becomes far more than just a box-ticking exercise. 

While other companies will have minimal to no contact with the individual following their portfolio completion until they return to undertake their ACS, the team at Boiler Medic will keep in regular contact ahead of your exams, with the hope of being able to provide employment opportunities, or a work reference at the very minimum. 

Along with making sure you gain all the required experience to complete your portfolio, they’ll also help you cover additional situations to better prepare you for employment.

This might include boiler repairs and fault finding—the ideal complement to our Boiler Fault Finding course—and more in-depth plumbing and heating work, ranging from blocked drains and toilet repairs right through to installing and replacing complete heating systems. 

Along with that, you’ll gain experience working with older appliances which are no longer available to purchase, making them difficult to cover in the training centre. You’ll also be visiting a variety of households, all of which will have completely different pipework, enabling you to identify heating circuits, how and where to drain and fill them up and things to watch out for if they are being upgraded or replaced.

Ready to begin your journey towards becoming a qualified Gas Safe Engineer? Our New Entrant Gas Training Package is the most comprehensive programme we offer, covering all aspects of training from basic skills, right through to the necessary assessments. 

Whether you’re ready to enrol, or need a little bit more information, our team would be happy to help. Give us a call on 01322 280 202, request a brochure or visit our training centre for a chat.