What's going on in the construction industry?



What's going on in the construction industry?


Huge scale projects are apparently increasing the health & safety standards of the entire industry!


Here at Able Skills, we take health & safety very seriously and provide our students with the basics no matter what course it is that they are undertaking. A three-year-long research project has now revealed that the effects of health and wellbeing interventions on staff working on the Thames Tideway Tunnel project, concluded that such projects have the potential to increase and provide skill improvements to the workforce when construction managers are supported by occupational health and health and safety professionals.

Safety processes, personnel, documentation, events and activities were all looked at in this said research project. Interventions included working with occupational hygienists to improve understanding about health risks and how to manage them, as well as training sessions for project managers.

During the Thames Tideway Tunnel, project subcontractors were required to put their own health check arrangements in place, encouraging them to “take ownership” of occupational health provision. This meant that everyone became increasingly aware of the protocol, how to stay safe, what goes into staying safe and so on. This had such a positive effect of this particular workforce that it is now a system that should be adopted by other projects, contractors and SME's. SME's are one of the major if not the major employer in the construction industry and need to provide the best help they can to their workers.

Diversity in the industry...


It has always been a problem in this sector and its time to change that, here at Able Skills we do not discriminate against anyone that wishes to take a course with us, we welcome all races, ages men and women all are welcome!

However, within the industry itself, some recent statistics are showing that minorities currently working in construction have some concerns. Firstly, 60% of all workers believe that the people in power in their place of work are biased towards those that look, talk and act like them. Secondly, the study shows that 78% of ethnic workers believe that their career progression and opportunities are limited due to discrimination. Some other groups are also trying to get their voices heard in the industry such as disabled people who still can carry out construction work of good quality feel that employers are not giving them a chance to prove their ability.

The skills gap is still prominent


The skills gap is still effecting companies ability to employ large workforces due to the lack of skilled workers. We are doing our bit here at Able Skills by training up new recruits, young people and so on in construction trades. But obviously, we cannot affect the bigger picture it's down to you, have a look at the opportunities available to you in the industry and get involved!

Bricklaying is one of the highest affected trades. According to recent statistics, 61% of construction SMEs expect salaries and wages to increase in the next six months. It seems like the perfect time to start a career in bricklaying, the bricklaying courses we offer here at Able Skills are trusted, respected and efficient. We have no doubt that once you leave upon completion of a bricklaying course you will be able to find employment!

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