What's going on in the Plumbing Industry in 2021?


Here at Able Skills we have been providing aspiring professionals with comprehensive Plumbing courses for almost 20-years. It is vital for us to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the industry - Unfortunately following the announcement on Monday 4th January putting into place another lockdown period we have had to suspend most of our plumbing training courses, we will be back operating as usual as soon as it is safe to do so. However, there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon as we enter this new year and look ahead at the prospects and upcoming changes in the industry. Today, we are going to look at a few things that are happening this year and a look at how you can start to learn the trade from home through our Home-Study Plumbing courses...


Plumbing courses

What's going on in the Plumbing Industry in 2021?


Free webinar for plumbers on Flame-Free press fittings:


Much of last year there has been a global focus on safety, due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, there is and always will be a need to keep updating and innovating ways to keep tradesmen and women safe on the job. Conex Universal Limited who are a leading manufacturer and supplier of plumbing fittings are hosting a webinar on the 14th of January to discuss the advantages of flame-free press fittings with professional plumbers. These fittings take the danger of an open flame out of the workplace, creating a safer work environment by reducing fire hazards. This 30-minute e-learning event found here is just another way to improve your understanding of the industry as we spend more time at home!


Smart Plumbing:


This is a more general topic on how consumers today use technology to control everything from their smartphones. Smart home technology refers to the ability of a home to control its appliances, lighting, heating and air conditioning, audio and video systems, security cameras and more. Why is this important? Well, professional workers in the plumbing industry who are willing to adapt to modern technology can identify new streams of revenue and provide better service to their customers. Smart home devices aren't just novelty and many of them have helped us manage our homes from smart meters that estimate bill costs to water leak detection alarms that can save you from disaster.



Solar-Powered Water Heating Solutions:


More than ever, consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of their household appliances. This is contributing to one emerging trend that you should keep on your radar: a growing preference for energy-efficient water heaters. As homeowners take an interest in environmentally-friendly alternatives, you can expect to see more solar-powered water heaters. Consumers opt for solar heaters for the twin benefits of saving energy and lowering their heating bill. Generally this goes for anything to do with devices or systems that are more green, learning about what is available and how to install these products can increase your reach as a professional plumber.


Keeping Safe:


Yes, recently there has been a massive discussion on remaining safe on the job due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Obviously, many professional tradesmen and women will have gotten used to social distancing measures and are doing their part whilst out on the job. However, this year there will only be improvements and more emphasis on this topic, for example, The Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum is urging operatives to make a safe start to 2021 with a colourful new face mask campaign and the use of see-through and or clear masks for those vulnerable elderly people who rely on lipreading and facial expressions to communicate properly.


Are you an aspiring Plumber?


Following the latest government announcement on the newest lockdown in January we have had to suspend much of our training, however, you can still get started right now with our Home-Study Level 2 Plumbing course - The perfect starting point for a new and successful career in the trade. This option works by separating the theory side of the qualification and the practical training and assessment part. The process will start at home, we'll send you our comprehensive 'Home-Study Pack' which will include all of the theory you need to know in order to achieve the qualification. You'll be able to study what's provided at your own pace and you can take as long as you want to work though the pack. Inside the pack you will also find test questions for you to challenge your knowledge as you learn, you will also be provided with contact details for one of our instructors in case you need some help and or have any questions.


Once you feel confident that you understand everything you have been given you will look to book 20-days worth of practical hands-on training as well as assessments here at our centre, these 4-weeks should be separated as appose to in one block and can be chosen to suit you. This option is a great way to train around an existing job and or prior arrangements, childcare and so on. You will learn and receive the same level of training as you would on the traditional course and achieve the very same City & Guilds certificate.


Plumbing courses

Here's an example of our 'Home-Study Pack'.



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For more information on Plumbing courses and online training options contact us over the phone on 0808 100 3245! Our office team are working as usual to answer questions, provide guidance and generally help you with any training needs. Our office will remain open 7-days-a-week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! You are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss courses you have already booked or any course you would like to secure your place on.