Not only can a career as an electrician be a vastly satisfying one— bringing with it fantastic opportunities for a healthy work-life balance—it also has the potential to become incredibly lucrative, with a wide variety of progression routes on offer. 

Demand for skilled trade workers remains consistently high in the UK, with electricians in particular currently extremely sought-after. That trend shows no signs of slowing either, adding an all-important, unique element of job security that most other industries simply cannot compete with.

Electricians see demand skyrocket

A shortage of qualified electricians has been an ongoing issue in the UK for some years. Fast-forward to the present day and that rings truer than ever before, with recent studies finding the profession to be one of the UK’s ten most in-demand jobs for 2021.

That means those who do possess the expertise are in an incredibly strong position to take advantage of the ongoing skill gap, often earning a premium on their services due to the supply and demand nature of the industry right now.

The need for electricity is going nowhere anytime soon—one noteworthy example of that is the vital role we’ve seen it already holds in the fight against climate change. That doesn’t just add to the abundance of opportunities currently available to electricians, it also means the industry could be heading for its most exciting and potentially rewarding period of all time. 

What is the average salary of an electrician? 

According to the latest data from Reed, the average salary of an electrician in the UK is £35,514. That places the profession considerably higher than the average UK full-time salary, which is said to be around £31,461 per year, courtesy of the Office for National Statistics. 

With that being said, those earnings can see a significant increase with extra training and experience, allowing you to further capitalise on the increased demand. Setting up your own business as a trained electrician can also quickly become a very real possibility, allowing your earning potential to shoot up as you set your own rates and workloads. 

Extra income streams, such as property development, have become an increasingly popular avenue for electricians to boost their income too. The ability to perform much of the necessary improvement work yourself typically makes the process far more streamlined and cost-effective, again leading to what can essentially be endless additional earning potential. 

What can I do once qualified as an electrician? 

Career paths for electricians are generally split into two different directions; commercial and domestic. By no means do you have to have this figured out as you first embark on your training, though it’s something to keep in mind as you begin to move into more advanced and specialist courses. 

Our Domestic & Commercial course is the ideal starting point for anyone who is unsure which side of the industry they want to be on, meeting the criteria of Domestic Installer scheme registration, but also providing a good base for further commercial learning and qualifications. 

Domestic electricians cover household work and typically require less training, whereas commercial electricians can operate in places like offices, shops, warehouses and other public spaces, ensuring the sites are safe and adhere to the relevant electrical standards. 

One of the most appealing things about this career is the ability to continue earning while learning and developing your skills, meaning you’re never tied down to a single path. Below are just a few of the exciting roles that electricians can go on to fill: 

  • Project Manager
  • Estimator
  • Aviation Electrician
  • Marine Electrician
  • Highway Systems Electrician
  • Electrotechnical Panel Builder
  • Lineman
  • Powerhouse and Substation Technician
  • Solar Technician
  • Telecommunications Installer & Repairer
  • Electrical Inspector

Train to become an electrician with Able Skills

Whichever route you’re looking to take as an electrician, Able Skills offers a range of courses designed and taught by experts who know exactly what it takes to flourish in the industry. 

Our discounted package, combining City & Guilds level 2 & 3 Domestic & Commercial Electrical Course qualifications, is an excellent starting point if you’re looking to change careers to become an Electrician.

We’re always happy to discuss and advise on the most appropriate Electrician Training programme for you to start or further your career as an electrician, just give us a call on 01322 280 202, request a brochure or pop into the training centre for a chat.