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2391-52 Inspection and Testing Courses are essential to anyone looking to become a FULLY comprehensive Electrician. It remains a huge part of what the job involves as it carries with it an even greater aspect of health and safety which in this day and age, we all know plays a massive factor on any working site out there.

The amount of poorly left electrical work not just done on site, but in peoples homes simply means the work hasn't been properly inspected and tested which added plenty of fuel to the fire with the amount of electrical fires and incidents we hear about in the news. The one in particular that really caught the public's attention was Grenfell Tower which meant the field of Inspection and Testing became under serious scrutiny.

It was here when Taxi Driver Colin Chidwick first thought about heading over to electrical work as he discovered the big demand for Electricians who offer Inspection and Testing as a service. With there being a lot of health and safety issues within the electrics on the news, he knew there was instantly demand for the trade and wouldn't mind something a bit more hands on rather than sitting down all day. We thought we would catch up with Colin and find out a bit more about why he chose Able Skills Electrical Courses.

So What Made You Interested In Inspection and Testing Courses?

Well being a taxi driver in London, I've always got the radio on and the amount of electrical fires and incidents I heard about was ridiculous. I remember thinking surely there's a demand for something there that isn't already in place.

I spoke to a pal of mine who  works as an Electrician and he said so many people who work on site are actually terrible at Inspecting and Testing. He said there's a lot of poor quality work that goes on and then everyone wonders why incidents happen.

Why Able Skills?

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Able Skills Electrical Courses and Electrician Training are both City & Guilds Accredited

Well my friend actually trained here few years ago himself. He told me to have a look online and I saw a lot of good reviews on Google and something called Feefo. I liked what I read and came down to have a look around the electrical centres and I was pretty impressed with the size and facilities.

It's interesting when Colin mentioned a lot of people don't know how to actually undergo Inspection and Testing in the real world as one of our electrical instructors, Clive actually said a similar thing.

He said:

It was something I noticed when I worked on site a few years back. He said a lot of people don't actually understand what their readings mean and that's why something we massively stress on our Inspection and Testing Courses is that we MAKE SURE our students fully understand the principles behind testing.

One thing we hope to see in due time is definitely a decrease in the amount of electrical hazards we hear about in the news. We wish Colin the absolute best for the future and if you've been thinking about undergoing 2391-52 Inspection and Testing Courses or anyone one of our other Electrical Courses, please click here.