Worried about A-levels? Why not gain lifelong trade skills!


A-Level results day can be a scary time, thinking about your future, what and where to go with your results. However, in such strange times, getting into debt and heading to university doesn't seem like the smartest option. Maybe your results are lower than you expected...Don't panic, you have your whole life ahead of you, there are plenty of opportunities out there that lead to successful and respected careers. 3-4 years at university may seem like the right thing to do or the path to success in your mind. This may have been true 10-years ago but in this day and age, there are so many roads to success. Trade skills such as Plumbing, Electrics and Gas can lead to fantastic earnings and even self-employment! 



How much do traders earn?


Your first thought might be how much do traders earn? It obviously depends on your skill and experience, however, we think you'll be surprised to hear that the average annual wages for an Electrician, for example, is in excess of £34,000! Plumbers see an average of around £30,000 and Gas Engineers earn around £31,000 a year. These are the average salaries, trades like these have so many avenues to go down including the option to work for yourself on a self-employed basis. The earnings for the self-employed have no limit and as a self-employed trader, you can set the rates you charge yourself. After talking to experienced traders we've found that Gas Engineers as an example can easily earn £1,000 a week it really depends on the hours you are putting in and your reputation as a tradesman or woman.


What courses do we offer?


We offer a full range of construction and technical courses including; Gas courses, Plumbing courses, Electrician Courses, Bricklaying Courses, Tiling Courses, Plastering Courses, Carpentry Courses and Decorating Courses. All of which are taught by instructors with years of experience out in the industry, who will not only teach you the theory and hands-on aspects of the trade but will give you an idea of how the industry works and insights that they learnt when starting out themselves. We offer everything from introductory courses to industry-recognised qualifications.



Want more information?


to learn more about the fantastic work we do here at Able Skills or to enquire about a particular trade do not hesitate to give us a call on 0808 100 3245! We are happy to advise you as best as we can, answer questions and put your mind at ease. Plus you are always welcome to come down to our office and chat with us in person, our office door is always open 7-days a week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! 


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