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Weekend Carpentry Courses

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Able Skills can offer you the opportunity to undertake our carpentry courses on a part time basis at weekends. Whether you are looking to achieve qualifications or just want to gain some DIY skills, weekend training is certainly an option for you to consider.

Able Skills carpentry centre is open on a 2 weekend on and 2 weekend off basis so you cannot train every single weekend but if you are working through the week then you probably wouldn’t want to anyway.

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What You’ll Learn

Both the shorter length courses and the qualification options can be done entirely using weekends so there will not be any requirement for you to take time off of work at all.

Kitchen Fitting can also be taught at weekends where you will learn all of the installation aspects as well as the much requested cutting and fitting of worktops.

How You’ll Learn

These are all practical hands-on training courses where you will be involved at every stage – always under the watchful eyes of our qualified carpentry instructors.

Combining Full Time and Part Time Carpentry Training

We are as flexible with our training as we can be and so for longer qualification courses you can, if you choose, potentially combine weekend training with full time (Mon-Fri) training. If you state your preferred training method at the time of booking then Able Skills staff will work everything out for you, taking in to account any time that you are unavailable due to prior commitments.

Payment under these terms is likely to be calculated on a daily basis and again, no interest will be charged – you will only ever pay the price as advised on the website at the time of booking.

Regardless of which training pattern you opt for, you can rest assured that the quality of training will remain at the highest levels.

Following a deposit for a course, any balance payable can be paid on the start date for the short course and spread over the period of the training for the qualification options.

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