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Electrical Courses in London

You can find Able Skills Electrical Course Training Centre based in London (South-East) with easy access from Central London and major roads.

At Able Skills we teach a wide variety of electrical qualifications so whether you are looking to undertake work in domestic premises or commercial and industrial premises, we will be able to supply you with the right courses putting you on the right route.

There is a vast difference between those looking to become domestic installers and those looking to become qualified electricians and the courses available for each reflect the level of difference and competence.

Domestic Electrical Training Courses in London

To become a Domestic Electrical Installer can be a relatively straight forward process of learning. We provide a variety of packages of learning however the more popular training option which will provide you with the skills and confidence to undertake a domestic installation to 17th Edition (wiring regulations) and to be able to test and inspect the installation is our Part P for Beginners course. We also offer an Advanced Domestic Installer package which incorporates more complex Inspection and Testing qualifications.

With the right training under your belt, you will be in a position to undertake electrical work within domestic properties and issue certification either via your local Building Control or by registering on to a Competent Persons scheme.

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Training Courses in London

For those of you looking to secure a long term future as a qualified Electrician, Able Skills really does excel with the courses and processes that we have available to our customers. We can take individuals with no electrical background at all and get them to the point of being Gold Card Approved Contractors. We have the facilities and staff here to be able to provide training and/or assessment for:

C&G 2365 level 2Diploma in Electrical Installations

C&G 2365 level 3Diploma in Electrical Installations

C&G 2382 level 317th Edition Wiring Regulations

C&G 2394 level 3Award in the Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations

C&G 2395 level 3Award in the Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations

AM2 Centre in London

AM2Achievement Measurement 2 (Independent NET Assessment) is now a mandatory requirement for anyone looking to achieve C&G 2357 in full – even those of you who are only undertaking the NVQ aspects of the award. Our AM2 Centre is a fantastic facility which National Electrotechnical Training (NET) have assessed and approved. This facility serves anyone who needs to achieve this assessment but is potentially one of the biggest and best AM2 Centres in London.

Other Electrical Courses in London

We also offer C&G 2377 Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Courses as well as C&G 2396 level 4 Award in the Design and Verification of Electrical Installations.

In addition, we also have a variety of our own courses, specifically designed to reflect the needs of new and existing Electricians as well as Companies who have specific requirements. People will always need refresher courses and as long as we have the facilities and materials available, we are happy to offer bespoke courses to those who have specific needs.

IET Centre of Excellence

The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) has recently recognised Able Skills as a Centre of Excellence which is a fantastic accolade for Able Skills. Their assessment of Able Skills was very thorough with procedures, systems, facilities, staff and financial background (to name but a few) being vigorously checked. Following their procedures, we were advised that they were happy to have us as a Centre of Excellence, one of a very select few.

This has now spurred us on even more as we now have the opportunity to offer Level 5 Electrical Management Courses which we are in the process of putting together.

We have a lot of new and exciting training opportunities coming up, all currently in the development stages but we will soon be giving candidates the opportunity to train with us for CompEx, Smart Metering and Electric Vehicle Charging   

Reasons to train at Able Skills Electrical Centre in London

  1. Everything that we offer by way of training at Able Skills is available full time and at weekends. Any programme of learning you choose can be done Monday to Friday or Saturday and Sunday.
  2. We do not take payment in full in advance of any courses booked – all training can be secured by way of a deposit with any balances due payable on the start date or spread over the period of the training – no interest is charged.
  3. We also have our own accommodation which is available on a room only basis at £20 per night so if you live outside of London, we can offer you somewhere to stay.
  4. We have dedicated facilities for each of the different levels of training and assessment that we provide and we have an abundance of tools and materials.

On some of the training packages available you will receive a free CK Toolkit as well as City & Guilds reference books which support the courses booked