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Gas Courses in London

Able Skills Construction Training Centre is based in London (South East). At Able Skills we provide a variety of training and one of the most popular options are the various gas courses that we offer here.

Whether you are a new entrant looking to access the gas industry or a gas engineer needing to renew your ACS or even if you are looking to add commercial gas to your list of skills, Able Skills has suitable courses available.

We are amongst the biggest providers of a range of gas training and assessment options in London and have dedicated training and assessment facilities for both the domestic and commercial gas courses that we provide.

We are very fair with regards to price and the quality of training available is unlikely to be rivaled by other training providers.

Existing Gas Engineers

At Able Skills we offer reassessment across:

  • CCN1 – Core Gas
  • CENWAT – Boilers/Water Heaters
  • CPA – Combustion Performance Analysis
  • HTR - Heaters
  • CKR - Cookers
  • MET - Meters
  • DAH – Warm Air Units

We can price these elements individually but as a guide, we offer CCN1 with 4 Appliances for £695.00 including vat.

Change over to Commercial Gas

Commercial Gas is quite big business in London so if you feel that potentially you are missing out on areas of work because you do not hold the right tickets, we offer a 3 week change over training and assessment course that can see you achieve:

  • CODNCO1 – Change-over Core Gas
  • CDGA1 - Commission, Service, Repair and Breakdown of Commercial direct Fired Heating Appliances and Equipment
  • CIGA1 - Commission, service, Repair and Breakdown of Commercial Indirect Fired Heating Appliances and Equipment
  • TPCP1A - Testing and Direct Purging of Small Low Pressure Commercial Gas Installations
  • CORT1 - Commission, Service, Repair and Breakdown of Commercial Overhead Luminous Radiant Plaque and Radiant Tube Heaters
  • ICPN1 - First Fix Pipe Installations

We offer this 15 day change over package (10 days training and 5 days assessment) for £1595.00 including vat. This is a really well priced opportunity to access commercial gas work.

Commercial Gas Re-Assessment

If you already hold Commercial Gas ACS and need to reassess after your 5 years, we offer a variety of options and the time and price will be based on what your requirements are but as an example, we offer all of the following:

  • COCN1 - Commercial Core Gas
  • CDGA1
  • CIGA1
  • TPCP1A
  • CORT1
  • ICPN1

Over 5 days for £995.00 including vat.

New Entrants to the Gas Industry

This is where Able Skills really excels as we are able to provide every aspect of the training and assessment process that is required in order to get you to the point of becoming Gas Safe registered. Regardless of what your background is, we can help you to become a Gas Safe registered Engineer.

At Able Skills in London, the gas and gas related courses available are:

  • Pipe-Skills training
  • Site-Skills Training
  • Gas Training via a recognised Managed Learning Programme
  • Portfolio Placement with a Gas Engineer
  • Domestic ACS

Pipe-Skills Course in London

For those of you with no plumbing or trade related background, we offer the opportunity for you to bring your skills up to a standard to make the Gas training aspects much more accessible and achievable.

Throughout this short pipe-skills course we will ensure that you are completely capable of dealing with both copper tube and steel pipe as this will become a large part of your work once you move into the Gas industry. It is crucial that you are able to ensure that any pipework you undertake as a Gas Engineer is fail safe as any errors could prove fatal. This course is entirely practical and assessments will

Site-skills Course in London

This Site-skills course is very beneficial to those of you who haven’t previously had the opportunity to get involved with:

  • How an open vented heating and hot water system works
  • How to drain down and decommission the systems
  • How to convert open vented heating systems to a sealed heating system
  • How to mark out the position of a boiler using a boiler template
  • How to drill a hole through masonry for the boiler flue and fix a boiler jig to a masonry wall
  • How to assemble, mark out and hang radiators
  • How to lift correctly, mark out and notch floor joists
  • How to install both copper and plastic pipework under a suspended floor
  • How to fill and vent a system of air

Again, an entirely hands on course to make sure that you have the practical skills available to you to ensure that you can deal with the day to day aspects that Gas Engineers regularly come across.

Gas Training Course in London

Able Skills gas training programme has been developed over the years by the instructors that we have working here. Their knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the industry have been carefully put together to come up with this programme of learning which provides any potential installer with the knowledge and skills required to become a competent, safe Gas Engineer. The course covers a wide variety of aspects and assesses candidates as they move through the course to ensure that they fully understand what is being taught and to monitor that they have the potential to achieve the course. The course covers aspects such as:

  • Basic pipework skills
  • Gas appliance functions
  • Basic principles of flues and combustion
  • Legislation
  • Tightness testing
  • Pipework requirements
  • Gas safety controls
  • Flueing
  • Ventilation
  • Unsafe situations

Gas Portfolio Placement with a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

A mandatory part of the process to becoming Gas Safe registered is to prove competence and this is achieved by undertaking a variety of gas related tasks under supervision of a Gas Safe registered Engineer. This Engineers job is to mentor you through a variation of works to confirm that you are competent in all areas. Work that you will undertake will relate to appliance servicing, appliance installation and gas safety inspections. You will have a portfolio and accompanying matrix to help you record evidence and this will all be signed off by your Gas Engineer. You will be looking to evidence a range of criteria but some examples of evidencing are:

  • pipework – defects
  • Low & medium pressure tightness testing
  • Gas escapes
  • Meter regulator setting checks
  • Flue flow and spillage tests
  • Gas rates
  • Operating pressure at appliance
  • Ventilation checks
  • Flue installation defects
  • Gas industry unsafe situations

Able Skills can place you with Engineers; the majority of the work we source is based in Kent, Essex and London.

ACS Initial Assessment in London

Initial ACS assessment is appropriate to those individuals who are undertaking ACS for the first time and also for those of you who have previously held ACS but it has expired in excess of 12 months.

ACS can be achieved in 5 days and the assessments available at Able Skills are:

  • CCN1 – Core Gas
  • CENWAT – Boilers/Water Heaters
  • CPA – Combustion Performance Analysis
  • HTR - Heaters
  • CKR - Cookers
  • MET - Meters
  • DAH – Warm Air Units

ACS costs are available individually but we do offer combined packages and as an example, CCN1 with 4 of the above listed is available for £850.00 including vat.

Gas Course Availability

We offer Pipe-skills, Site-skills and ACS almost on a weekly basis and Gas Managed Learning Programmes run every 3 weeks. Commercial gas is slightly less popular but can be booked on demand.

In addition to full time training, we also offer the opportunity to undertake the majority of our courses using weekend training, usually on a 2 weekend on and then 2 weekend off basis.

Gas Courses London Location

We are situated right on the borders of South East London, easily accessible by both private and public transport.

We offer such a wide variety of plumbing training options, everything from short courses to training over longer periods; we offer weekend training, occasional Home Study options and in addition, we provide flexible payment plans so you will never be required to pay course fees in full upfront.