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Site Skills & Pipework Skills Combined Course

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Learn basic Pipe-Work and Site-Skills – 10 Days


If you are looking to discover whether or not you have the talents required to become a Gas Engineer then all will be revealed on this 10 day combined package. If you can successfully get through 10 days of practical pipe-work skills and site-skills then you will be an ideal candidate to move onto a gas training programme.

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What You’ll Learn

Pipe-Work Skills for Domestic Gas Safety Training

This course is a comprehensive week of training and assessment, providing candidates with in depth training on pipework related skills. Throughout the week we will ensure that you are completely capable of dealing with both copper tube and steel pipe as this will become a large part of your work once you move into the Gas industry. This course will provide the following:

  • Cutting and measuring copper tube accurately
  • Pipe-work preparation for soldering
  • Soldering techniques / Practicing soldering / soldering assessments
  • X and Z dimension calculations
  • Cutting assembling and soldering practice frames to specific dimensions
  • How to assemble compression fittings / compression fitting assessments
  • The use of different types of jointing pastes for compression jointing
  • Cutting assembling and jointing compression fittings frames to specific dimensions
  • Cutting and treading low carbon steel pipe
  • Jointing steel pipe
  • The use of different fittings on steel pipe
  • All pipe-work is tested to 3 bar for 3 min

Your competence will be assessed under Bpec criteria and once you have shown your competence in this area you will have much more confidence once you move onto the Gas course.

Site-Skills for Domestic Gas Safety Training

This Gas Site-Skills course has been put together following consultation with the Gas Engineers that we use when we place our gas portfolio students. Throughout this Site-Skills course which is predominantly practical, we will endeavour to cover training in the most common aspects of gas related work so that you are completely prepared for most eventualities, providing you with the essential skills for working on pipe-work in industry. The course will cover:

  • How an open vented heating and hot water system works
  • How to drain down and decommission the systems
  • How to convert open vented heating systems to a sealed heating system
  • How to mark out the position of a boiler using a boiler template
  • How to drill a hole through masonry for the boiler flue and fix a boiler jig to a masonry wall
  • How to assemble, mark out and hang radiators
  • How to lift correctly, mark out and notch floor joists
  • How to install both copper and plastic pipework under a suspended floor
  • How to fill and vent a system of air
  • How to convert sealed heating system with an open vented cylinder to a combination boiler system

How You’ll Learn

The Pipe-Work Skills course will ensure that you meet the standards expected of a Gas Engineer, bearing in mind that any faulty joints or pipe work can potentially be fatal. The course is essential if you are looking to move onto the 3 Week Gas Managed Learning Programme, especially if you do not hold any plumbing qualifications.

The Site-Skills course will ensure that you are completely competent to undertake various aspects of work that may be required ahead of a gas appliance installation. It will also benefit you particularly well when you are completing your gas portfolio under supervision of a Gas Safe registered Engineer – this is the time when you need to have all of the required skills to undertake your gas services and gas appliance installations in a competent and complete manner.

Both of these courses have been designed by our gas instructors and Gas Engineers that we use for portfolio placements as they feel that before the technical gas information is imparted, other skills need to be in place.

Courses Open To You After

The next step for you will be to join a Gas Managed Learning Programme which will teach you how to work safely across a range of appliances. This programme of learning is a mandatory step to take towards becoming Gas Safe registered.

Additional Info

These courses are also available individually if you don’t need both aspects and they are also available as part of full gas training packages. These courses can be completed full time or at weekends.

If you would like to view the facilities at Able Skills, please feel free to visit us at any time. We are open 7 days every week and encourage visitors to the centre. You will not need an appointment, just turn up (08.30 – 16.30) and we will show you around.

Duration & Cost

The cost for this Pipe-Skills and Site-Skills Course is £700.00. A deposit of £300.00 will secure a booking and the balance can be paid over the period of the 2 courses.

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