Painting and decorating courses in London

There are lots of reasons why you might need to learn more about painting and decorating. Whether it’s for you own personal renovation needs or if you’re planning a change of career, let Able Skills train you in the right way to do it.

Why choose Able Skills?

Painting and decorating is one of our core skills, and one of the first areas where we offered training back when we started all those years ago. We’ve got top painting and decorating facilities at our London centre and our instructors are some of the best in the business. They’ve all worked in the trade for years and what they can’t teach you probably isn’t worth knowing.

Our courses are accredited by the relevant bodies and are all structured in such a way to maximise individual learning. This student-focused approach means you’ll get the most out of any of our courses, learning new skills in a fast and efficient way.

What you’ll learn

Painting and decorating is a very broad field. That’s why our painting and decorating course London centre aims to cover a range of activities. You’ll study everything from preparation work to repairing imperfections. You’ll learn how to ensure surfaces are ready for painting, including woodwork, and discover the different materials and paint types that are the most suitable for specific surfaces.

You will cover how to cut in around obstacles, as well as pasting and hanging wallpaper. Basically, if it’s a skill that’s needed to improve your home, then we can teach it to you.

The courses

We offer a range of painting and decorating courses in London to suit your individual situation. Our introductory five-day course has now been accredited by City and Guilds, so you’ll receive a certificate to prove what skills you’ve learned. We also offer advanced painting and decorating courses, which cover the more complex tasks in depth. You can also choose between our six, seven, eight and ten-week NVQ courses.

For anyone looking to broaden their skill set, there are also weekend and five day wallpapering courses.

Pop into our painting and decorating courses London centre to discuss your options. We tailor all our courses to students needs, so whatever you’re looking to get out of training, here at Able Skills we can deliver. You can also contact us at to see what’s available.