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Tiling Courses in Kent

Able Skills has a fantastic Tiling training facility based in Dartford in Kent. We have a dedicated tiling training centre where we can teach across a range of tiling aspects giving individuals the opportunity to learn tiling to the very highest levels.

Our Kent based Tiling centre has been up and running for 10 years now and has grown to be able to accommodate individuals wanting to learn anything from Introductory courses to Advanced options, courses covering natural stone, Victorian pathways, tanking and screeding and wet rooms to name but a few.

We can teach to levels 2 and 3 as well as assess experienced tillers who are looking to achieve NVQs.

Our Tiling instructors between them have devised a number of training packages to include tiling aspects which they feel are most relevant to the industry and which will give candidates the immediate skills required to tackle everyday tiling work.

New to the industry?

For those looking to get started with some tiling skills we have an option to do a 3 or 4 week tiling course. Either of these will provide candidates with introductory and advanced skills with an option to then gain a City & Guilds accreditation and training in tiling using natural stone products.

For those looking to get trained with a view to getting work within the tiling industry we offer a 6 week option and also an 8 week option which is specifically aimed at those who might be considering site work with a view towards achieving NVQ level 2.

Recognised Tiling Qualifications

Able Skills 6 week Tiling package has been recognised and accredited by Able Skills so if you are looking to hold certificates then our 6 week Professional Tiling course is a great choice but we also offer a 10 week level 2 Tiling Diploma which may also be of interest to you.

We have worked very hard to design our training facility to offer you every opportunity to be the best Tiler you can be and we feel that there isn’t a better tiling training facility in Kent. We aim to keep up to date with changes and trends within the tiling industry and we source materials from wherever we can to ensure that students have the opportunity to have access to a wide range of materials to reflect what is happening within the tiling industry.

Experienced Tilers

If you have been undertaking tiling work for some time but do not hold any industry qualifications, Able Skills Kent based Tiling instructors are able to assess you in order to get you to the required level of qualification to verify your competence. If you have been tiling for over 5 years, you can access the fast-track EWPA route to achieve NVQ level 2. If you have been tiling for less than 5 years we can assess you at work to achieve NVQ level 2 or in certain circumstances, assess you to achieve NVQ level 3.

Able Skills in Kent

Able Skills prides itself in delivering the best possible training and we consider that individuals looking to change career have a lot of factors to consider. In order to help as best we can, we offer flexible training plans, allowing individuals to break their time up in to individual chunks of learning spread over a period of time and in addition, we can also offer weekend training to help you achieve your goals. From a payment point of view, we do not take payment in full up-front. We offer the opportunity for you to pay a deposit and then any balance can be divided into interest free instalments.

If you would like to view our facilities and ask any questions at all, please feel free to pop into our centre in Dartford in Kent which is open 7 days every week or alternatively, please drop us an email:

If you are willing to travel to Kent, South East England, we guarantee that you will have a very worthwhile and rewarding experience. We also offer accommodation close to the centre which is available at £20 per night.

Whether you are looking to learn tiling for a personal project or because you want an additional income or a complete change of career, Able Skills Tiling training centre in Kent is probably the best choice you can make.