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Victorian & Mosaic Tiling Course

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3 Days Victorian Tiling & 2 Days Mosaic Tiling


Tastes and styles can vary across a range of people and on occasion there can sometimes be a requirement for older style tiling effects. To cater for this, Able Skills has devised a 3 day Victorian tiling course to teach you how to either lay or repair an existing installation. To add to the week, we offer 2 days learning to tile with mosaics which provide a very decorative effect. These courses are available individually but combined, they provide a discount!

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What You’ll Learn

Our tiling centre is not just for those new to the industry, it also has facilities and courses available to existing tillers who need to gain extra skills or who may come across a job that they have previously not encountered.

One of the specialist areas becoming increasingly popular is Victorian tiling and/or restoration and the course that we have devised will enable you to undertake this area of tiling work. Additionally, the use of mosaics is and always has been very popular

Able Skills Victorian/Restoration Tiling Course

Victorian effect tiled areas are not the choice of every individual but in some areas there are original floors to be found and in other areas, replica Victorian floors are the preferred covering. Either way, there is a call for Tilers to be able to lay a Victorian themed floor or to be able to restore an existing and very old floor. Able Skills has devised this Victorian Tiling and Restoration course for tilers who would like to be able to specialise in this area and offer this service as part of their portfolio of work.

Able Skills Mosaic Tiling Course

Mosaic tiling can add a new, modern and vibrant look to a home. There are a wide range of types, sizes and finishes available, something to suit everyone. This intricate tiling system can produce a beautiful finish once you have learned all of the techniques associated with Mosaic tiling. Tiling Options Both the Victorian and Mosaic tiling courses are better suited to individuals who have a tiling background or to those of you who have attended other tiling courses at Able Skills.

How You’ll Learn

Victorian/Restoration Tiling Course

Designing and planning a Victorian floor can be a complex task so we have devised this course to help you undertake this area of tiling. At the start of this 3 day course we will provide you with a specification to follow and the training to complete the task will include:

  • Planning your floor
  • Installation of your tiles
  • Sealing
  • Cleaning
  • Grouting

We will explain all areas including floor levelling, tile cutting and how to select the right tiles to gain that Victorian effect for your specific area.

Able Skills Mosaic Tiling Course:

  • Prepare your surfaces
  • Calculate tile quantities
  • Cut your tiles
  • Fix your tiles with the correct adhesives according to your tile material
  • How to grout the tiled area

Courses Open To You After

If you haven’t had any formal tiling training or you are already a Tiler but do not have any recognised qualifications, Able Skills can help as we have a variety of training options but equally, the facility to assess time served tillers to achieve NVQs.

Additional Info

You can just choose to do 1 aspect of this week. Maybe just 3 days for the Victorian Tiling course or just the 2 days for the Mosaic Tiling.

These are hands-on, practical courses and you will be involved at every stage and will be participating throughout. It is therefore recommended you bring suitable clothing and for your own safety, steel capped footwear is essential.

Duration & Cost

Combined, this is a 5 day course and the cost is £695.00 including vat. A deposit of £150.00 will secure a booking with the balance payable on the start date. These courses are also available individually: 3 day Victorian Tiling course: £495.00 and 2 Day Mosaic Tiling course: £249.00

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hi there, can you tell me, can i just do the victorian and mosiac course ive done small tiling jobs befor thank you jimmy
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