18th editionThe 18th Edition is just around the corner as the new electrical work regulations is set for a July release. All installations designed after 31st December 2018 must comply with BS 7671:2018.

Students must keep in mind that the 18th edition qualification will become essential to anyone looking to join a Government Approved Part P Scheme Provider and every installation from January 2019 onwards will need to be designed with such regulations in mind.

Students should be pleased to know that Able Skills are exclusively holding a 1 day 18th Edition Update course. Such 1 day update course will be taught at our training centre based in Dartford and will be classroom based.

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In the mean time, take a read of the 20 changes you need to be aware of...

Chapter 41: Protection against electric shock

  • Protective equipotential bonding
  • Automatic disconnection in
    case of a fault
  • Additional requirements for socketoutlets
    and for the supply of mobile
    equipment for use outdoors
  • Additional requirements for
    circuits with luminaires
  • Provisions where automatic
    disconnection according to
    411.3.2 is not feasible

Chapter 42: Protection against thermal effects

  • Protection against fire
    caused by electrical

Chapter 44: Protection against voltage
disturbance and electromagnetic disturbances

  • Protection against transient
    overvoltages of atmospheric
    origin or due to switching

Chapter 52: Selection and erection of wiring systems

  • Installation of cables

Chapter 54: Earthing Arrangement and Protective Conductors

  • Earthing Arrangements:

Offering 2 interpretations

Part 6:Inspection and Testing

  • Earthing Arrangements
  • Continuity of conductors
  • Minimum Insulation Resistance Values

Chapter 65: Chapter Periodic Inspection and Testing

  • Periodic Inspection and Testing

Part 7: Special installations or location particular requirements

  • Section 708: Electrical
    installations in caravan/
    camping parks
  • Section 730: Onshore
    Units of Electrical Shore
    Connections for Inland
    Navigation Vessels

Part 8: Energy efficiency

  • Brand new part to 18th Edition

Changes to the appendices

  • Appendix 3: Time/current characteristics of
    overcurrent protective devices and RCDs
  • Appendix 6: Model Forms for
    Certification and Reporting
  • Appendix 8: Current carrying capacity
    and voltage drop

That's quite a list! At least you now have a heads up on what to expect. Remember, updating our knowledge regardless of the trade we're in will always remain hugely important as it helps keep us ahead of the competition! For more information on the 18th edition, click here.

18th edition