Home Study Electrics Level 3

Home Study Electrics Level 3
Awarding body

City & Guilds 2365-03

If you hold a level 2 Electrical Installation qualification and now require level 3 then this next step Electrical Home-Study option may suit you. Our electrician courses at home are based on a mixture of theory and practical; the theory part you will do at home and the practical you will do with us in the training centre as well as on-line and written exams based on the theory you will have studied.

This qualification is mandatory should you be looking to gain an NVQ eventually.

This home study electrical course allows candidates to learn, develop and practice the skills required for employment and or a career in the electrical industry.

Easy paymentsA small deposit secures your place on the course
Flexible TrainingChoose to train week days or at the weekends
Interest Free PaymentsPay as you train without paying any interest
Accommodation on siteAccommodation available for only £25/night

What You’ll Learn at Home

The Theory Part

The City & Guilds 2365 level 3 electrician at home course consists of a number of units both theory and practical. The elements you will be studying at home are based on the theory aspects and will prepare you for the online, written exams and assignments. You will sit each of the exams at Able Skills once you are happy that you have adequately prepared yourself. The theory units are set out as follows:

  • Unit 301: Understand the fundamental principles and requirements of environmental technology systems
  • Unit 302: Principles of Electrical Science
  • Unit 303: Electrical installations: Fault diagnosis and rectification
  • Unit 304: Electrical Installations: Inspection, Testing and Commissioning
  • Unit 305: Electrical Systems Design
  • Unit 308: Career awareness in building services engineering

You will be provided with your home study electrical course material matching each of the units above allowing you to learn and develop your understanding at your own pace and with no pressure from us! But please take comfort in knowing that our team are always ready to offer support where needed.

What You’ll Learn ‘in-centre’ at Able Skills

The Practical Part

The application of practical requires tools, resources, quality training and safety measures. Our workshops are fully resourced enabling us to train and assess you within a safe environment.

We are allocating 12 days in-centre for you to complete all aspects of this C&G 2365 level 3 electrical course. This time will be broken down in to 2 x 5-day blocks and then a final 2 days. These weeks will not run concurrently as there is additional work for you to do at home in between each period of attendance.

How You’ll Learn

To start this home learning process we will send you a Level 3 - 2365 study pack which will contain all of the theory knowledge units that you are required to achieve in order to gain this electrical qualification. Also contained within the pack are self-assessment papers allowing you as the candidate to monitor your progress along the way.

Level 3 is very much a theory based electrical course whether you opt for Home-Study or full/part-time courses so it is really important that you use this study pack to its full potential. Once you attend the centre, you will be undertaking aspects of practical training and assessment but there are also written exams to do and assignments – all of which can be achieved based on the theory contained within this study pack.

We have a 2.5 week attendance program devised specifically to cover the requirements of all of the aspects of this qualification.

Ideally, we would prefer that you spend a minimum of 6 weeks reviewing the pack before you consider contacting us and booking your first block of attendance at Able Skills.

Courses Open To You After

From these home study electrical courses can move on to 18th Edition, PAT Testing and Inspection & Testing qualifications. Once you are working in the industry and feel ready, NVQ level 3 will be your next step. We also have a dedicated AM2 Centre and as AM2 is a mandatory unit within the NVQ, it means that every aspect of all electrical installation qualifications can be achieved at Able Skills.

Additional Info

By undertaking this ‘Home Study’ option, you are effectively replacing your access to an instructor in a classroom environment with a home learning theory pack. As this is the case, we have put together very comprehensive study packs to ‘replace the tutor’ but we will also provide email contact with one or more of our electrical assessors in case you have any questions not covered in the pack. You will also be provided with a C&G Electrical Installation Diploma book and you will also be given access to online resources to help you study. When in the centre, you can be assured that we have access to the very best tools and equipment. We have excellent working relationships with CK, Yesss Electrical and Megger and there are opportunities for those who want to purchase tools and test equipment or those that would like to open a trade account.

Please be aware that we require you to hold a level 2 Electrical Installation qualification: 2365-02 or 2330-01 or EAL Electrical Installation in order to join us for level 3.


All of our courses take place at our dedicated training centre in Dartford, Kent. The centre is easily accessible by road, being just 10 minutes from junction 1a on the M25. We are only a short walk from Dartford train station which is served by frequent trains taking 35 minutes from central London. For anyone travelling from further away, we have our own accommodation available at only £25 per night.

We are open 7 days every week for visitors so if you would like to find out more about this course or about Able Skills, please feel free to pop in, no appointment necessary.

Duration & Cost

To complete this qualification, your attendance at Able Skills will be required for 3 weeks for level 3. This is all obviously completely dependent on you using the home study learning packs in the right way.

The total cost for this Home Study option is £2000.00 for level 3 (unless you do not hold a level 2 qualification - see above) – all fees are inclusive of vat.

You will pay £500 to have the level 3 pack sent out to you and then £500 for each of the 3 allocated weeks that you attend.

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