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City & Guilds Carpentry & Joinery Combined Course

Awarding Body City & Guilds

City & Guilds Certificate


Carpenters are frequently considered to be amongst the most important trade within the construction industry and working in this industry can be very rewarding which is why we have combined the 2 C&Gs Carpentry & Joinery qualifications to enable you to achieve both skill sets in a dedicated period of time. With both of these training courses under your belt we feel sure that any carpentry job you complete will be to a fantastic standard with the right finish.

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What You’ll Learn

During this 10 weeks of training you will achieve 2 separate City & Guilds qualifications, one dedicated to Carpentry and one to Joinery giving you those extra skills to enable you to refine your overall carpentry skills.

Course One – Carpentry

You will be trained on the following:

  • Fixing Skirting to a timber background
  • Fixing floor joists and laying flooring
  • Fixing door lining in stud partition or blockwork opening
  • Hanging an internal door
  • Fixing and stabilising trussed rafters
  • Setting out and cutting one pair of common rafters
  • Operating basic wood machines

The assessments you will undertake are:

  • Unit 101 – Health and Safety in construction
  • Unit 108 – Fixing architraves and skirtings
  • Unit 109 – Constructing and fixing hatch linings
  • Unit 110 – Fitting locks and latches

Course Two - Joinery/Woodworking

You will be trained on the following:

  • Constructing through mortice and tenon
  • Constructing stub mortice and tenon
  • Constructing haunched mortice and tenon
  • Constructing centre bridle joint
  • Constructing dovetail halving joint
  • Constructing through dovetail
  • Constructing double mortice and tenon
  • Constructing shouldered housing
  • Constructing slot dovetail
  • Constructing a garden gate

The assessments you will undertake are:

  • Unit 001 – Constructing halving joints
  • Unit 002 – Constructing housing joints
  • Unit 103 – Constructing through mortice and tenon joints
  • Unit 104 – Constructing angled halving joints
  • Unit 105 – Constructing bridle joints
  • Unit 106 – Constructing haunched mortice and tenon joints
  • Unit 107 – Constructing stub mortice and tenon joints

How You’ll Learn

To fully achieve both of these carpentry and joinery awards will require 10 weeks of hands on training, during which time you will build a portfolio of your work, recording all of your practical carpentry assessments along with written statements to confirm your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the carpentry awards. This complete and detailed portfolio, along with final certification, can be used as evidence of experience when you are applying for work within the carpentry industry.

Courses Open To You After

You will really have a range of incredibly useful skills if you opt to complete this combined Carpentry and Joinery course however if at some stage you would like to achieve NVQ, you should consider an additional 2 weeks of training at Able Skills to help you work towards this.

Additional Info

This course can be completed in 10 consecutive weeks or the time can be broken down in to 10 separate weekly intervals. Equally, weekend training can be undertaken in order to achieve these 2 qualifications.

Areas to consider as a Carpenter and Joiner are:

  • Loft Conversions
  • Traditional Cut & Pitch Roofing
  • Truss Roofing Supply & Fitting
  • Windows - Renew or Repair
  • Staircases - Renew or Repair
  • Doors, Skirting & Dados
  • Kitchen Supply & Fitting
  • Replacement Worktops & Doors
  • Office Fitting
  • Bedroom Fitting
  • Made to Measure Units
  • Book Shelves

This is a hands-on, practical carpentry course and you will be involved at every stage and will be participating throughout. It is therefore recommended you bring suitable clothing and for your own safety, steel capped footwear is essential.

Duration & Cost

This is a 10 week course and the cost is £3995.00 including vat. A deposit of £500.00 will secure a booking with the balance payable over the period of the training.

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