About Us

How do you know which training provider to choose when there are so many to choose from? Some areas to consider could be:

1. Look at who they are accredited by
2. Look at their staff and their qualifications
3. Look at the price – are they too dear or even too cheap? Any VAT?
4. Can you visit the Training Provider without an appointment?
5. Space available


Able Skills is an accredited centre securing approval to deliver qualification training from City & Guilds, LCL Awards, NOCN, AIM and BPEC. We are amongst the few training providers who can offer you progression and if qualifications are your choice – take you from novice to expert.

Staff & Facilities

All of our Instructors are time served and construction specific qualified but each tutor has also achieved the required teaching and assessing awards. All of our Instructors work full time at Able Skills and only deliver the courses which they are qualified to do. We are very proud of the staff employed at Able Skills; please visit our staff page to see potentially who your instructor may be. Having full time dedicated staff allows us to run all of our courses all of the time in dedicated training areas.

We have 9 training units and we do not share work areas with other trades for example: you will not be falling over a Bricklayer whilst undertaking your Plumbing training and so on.


All of the training available varies in price; we are not the cheapest but we are not the most expensive. We do believe in providing a value for money service and we have no hidden costs, no extras to pay and all of our costs include VAT. We do believe that everyone should have access to training which is why we offer the most reasonable payment plans.


We are open Monday to Friday and 2 weekends per month including Bank Holidays (Excluding Christmas) and we welcome visitors to our Centre at any time. We do not require you to make an appointment; please feel free to turn up to look at what we do, meet our staff and chat with existing students. From a location point of view we are well situated for road, rail and bus links and if you consider that we are worth the journey, we have our own accommodation which is local to the Training Centre and complete with all amenities.


Able Skills has been providing construction training since 2002.

We do not hard sell, cold call or visit your home – We do not employ a Sales Team!

We do however believe in honesty and will not attempt to recruit you under false pretences.

When you call or visit with an enquiry, we will always make it clear as to what you can expect from the training you are seeking and also provide you with details of what your options are should you choose to take your training to the next level.

We have flexible training programmes to fit in with just about every possible working scenario, flexible payment plans to try to suit everyone’s financial circumstances, large subject specific Training centres/areas and as previously stated qualified, full time, dedicated staff.

We take pride in everything we do from our non-accredited training courses right through to qualification based courses however; the majority of our introductory courses are now accredited by City & Guilds and come with C&G certification.

We are aware that not everyone is seeking a qualification but we continue to ensure that even these programmes are taught by qualified instructors so you are assured that you are treated with the same dedication as those training for qualifications.

If qualifications are your aim, Able Skills has the relevant approvals in place to progress you. We can offer qualifications at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 and as an NVQ assessment centre we fully understand the processes in place to obtain an NVQ. Some training centres will lead you to believe that an NVQ can be achieved within a training environment or without underpinning knowledge, this is not the case. For the correct guidance on achieving an NVQ, please visit the relevant pages within this site.

If we can’t offer you what you want, we will tell you and try and redirect you to the best of our ability. We can guide you in the right direction once we know what you are looking to achieve, your options vary dependent upon what trade you are interested in, whether you are considering employment or self-employment and what kind of time you have available to you. We know the construction industry well and consistently remain up to date with changes and practices to ensure the highest level of training is available at Able Skills.

We hope that this has helped you choose the right Training Centre for YOU