Level 2 Tiling Diploma

Level 2 Tiling Diploma
Awarding body

City & Guilds 6710-23 Diploma at Level 2

This City & Guilds accredited level 2 Diploma is new for 2014. The course is a real mix of practical and theory based assessments; a great opportunity for those of you looking to come straight in at level 2. This course is ideal for those of you who already have a basic understanding of the construction industry and who want to build on that further.

Easy paymentsA small deposit secures your place on the course
Flexible TrainingChoose to train week days or at the weekends
Interest Free PaymentsPay as you train without paying any interest
Accommodation on siteAccommodation available for only £25/night

What You’ll Learn

You will learn to be a qualified Tiler at level 2; someone who can competently undertake a variety of aspects of tiling and all of the preparation that is required in order to produce excellent work. The course has additional training to ensure that your work practices meet the requirements of the industry and if you go on to undertake work in the manner that we teach you, you will never be out of work.

You will achieve in depth knowledge of:

  • Health, safety and welfare in construction
  • Principles of building construction, information and communication
  • Preparing backgrounds for tiling 
  • Forming sand and cement screeds 
  • Tile wall surfaces 
  • Tile floor surfaces

The additional training you will receive will ensure that you can

  • Follow a programme of work
  • Organise your own work area and maintain tools and equipment
  • Keep work areas clean and tidy
  • Dispose of waste appropriately
  • Keep all work tools clean and serviceable
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) at appropriate times
  • Follow current environmental and health and safety regulations

This is a very detailed course which has the intention of ensuring that your tiling skills and tiling knowledge give you a chance of working professionally within the industry.

How You’ll Learn

This course is a mix of theory and practical and whilst the emphasis is on practical skills, there is a great deal of knowledge that you will have to have in order to be sure of getting through the assessments that have been put in place by City and Guilds. Whilst we will provide you with learning resources which support the course, we do also highly recommend that you take every opportunity to do your own additional research on the various tasks that you will be facing. You can never learn enough and the more information you have available to you, the better prepared for the tiling industry you will be.

Courses Open To You After

City and Guilds have also introduced a level 3 Diploma in Tiling which Able Skills will be offering in the future however the next steps from this level 2 Diploma should be NVQ (once you have secured relevant work) 

Additional Info

Able Skills Tiling training centre is a fantastic learning environment. There is the opportunity to tile on so many different surfaces using a vast array of tiling materials. This course will train and prepare you for the various complex assessments that you will undertake in order to achieve this qualification. The instructors that you will have available to you have many years of experience working in the tiling industry and their aim is to get you to a stage where you can confidently get work and undertake tiling for a living.


All of our courses take place at our dedicated training centre in Dartford, Kent. The centre is easily accessible by road, being just 10 minutes from junction 1a on the M25. We are only a short walk from Dartford train station which is served by frequent trains taking 35 minutes from central London. For anyone travelling from further away, we have our own accommodation available at only £25 per night.

We are open 7 days a week (08.30 – 16.30) for visitors so if you would like to find out more about this course or about Able Skills, please feel free to pop in, no appointment necessary.

Duration & Cost

This is a 10 week course which can be completed in 10 consecutive weeks or broken down in to 10 separate weekly blocks.

A £500 deposit will secure a booking and the balance can be paid in instalments.

Total cost is £3495.00 including VAT. 


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