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NVQ Level 2 Carpentry & Joinery Course

Awarding Body City & Guilds

City & Guilds Certificate and Training to NVQ Level 2


Carpentry and Joinery qualifications will be achieved in the first 10 weeks with the remaining period being dedicated to reality training giving you a healthy insight into the kind of work you will be undertaking once working within the carpentry industry – this will also give you a very good idea of what work you should be taking on to achieve a carpentry level 2 NVQ. We will also register you for NVQ level 2 so you will be able to apply for a CSCS Experienced Worker card. This course can all be achieved at weekends if that is your preference.

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What You’ll Learn

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to qualify as a carpenter with 2 City & Guilds qualifications, one covering aspects of Site Carpentry and the other covering Joinery/Woodworking – in addition, it gives you the opportunity to work towards achieving NVQ level 2 in Site Carpentry.

Once you have completed your 12 weeks of intensive, hands on carpentry training, you will then be industry ready which is where you need to be in order to achieve the Carpentry NVQ.

During the first 6 weeks you will be trained and assessed to achieve the various units which make up the C&G Carpentry qualification (please see our City & Guilds Carpentry Course to view all of the units in detail).

During the next 4 weeks you will be trained and assessed to achieve the various units which make up the C&G Joinery qualification (please see our City & Guilds Joinery Course to view all of the units in detail).

In the remaining 2 weeks you will undertake carpentry work which is most commonly used on site; this is to prepare you for working towards achieving the level 2 NVQ. You will be guided to understand what is required as evidence to achieve the NVQ so that once you are working within the industry, the process can be completed smoothly and in an acceptable amount of time.

We will train you to cover the following units:

The Full Route to achieve a Carpentry NVQ is made up of the following:

  • QCF 641 - Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
  • QCF 642 - Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
  • QCF 643 - Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace

Supported by THREE optional units from:

  • QCF 09Av2 - Installing First Fixing Components in the Workplace
  • QCF10 Av2 - Installing Second Fixing Components in the Workplace
  • QCF 11v2 - Erecting Structural Carcassing Components in the Workplace
  • QCF 12v2 - Maintaining Non-structural Carpentry Work in the Workplace
  • QCF 628 - Setting Up and Using Transportable Cutting and Shaping Machines in the Workplace

This can include work such as:

  • Understanding of Roofs - traditional, trussed and flat; suspended timber floors; windows; stairs; timber studwork; door frames and linings; ground lats and sills.
  • Mouldings; internal doors; ironmongery; encasing services (coverings for pipes & cables etc) and wall & floor units.
  • You will be taught how to interpret drawings, schedules and manufacturers information related to the work to be carried out in order to prepare and fix gable roof trussed rafters, cut roofs, ground, upper and flat roof joists, flooring and decking amongst other things.
  • We will ensure that you are aware of procedures and the skills required to maintain work such as replacement of sash cords, replacing door/window frames, architraving, skirting, dado rails and picture rails. We will also ensure that you are able to form joints associated with repairs and repair or replace door and window ironmongery.
  • Adopting safe and healthy working practices; selecting materials, components and equipment; setting up fixed and/or transportable machinery and sawing to size timber and timber-based sheet material and/or non-ferrous metal.

How You’ll Learn

To fully achieve both carpentry awards will require 10 weeks of hands on training, during which time you will build a portfolio of your work, recording all of your practical carpentry assessments along with written statements to confirm your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the carpentry awards. This complete and detailed portfolio, along with final certification, can be used as evidence of experience when you are applying for work within the carpentry industry.

These certificates will also be supported by NVQ registration and these extra 2 weeks and NVQ registration will generate a CSCS Experienced Worker for you card once you have sat a CSCS Health & Safety test – which will ensure your access and ability to work on any site as a Carpenter.


Courses Open To You After

The next step for you is to be assessed in the work-place to have your progress monitored and recorded in order to be certificated for the NVQ level 2.

Additional Info

NVQs are ‘Declarations of Competence’ and as such, cannot be achieved in a simulated environment like a training centre – all we can do here is prepare you for the process and we do this very well. At the end of the course, Able Skills will register you as someone who is working towards achieving NVQ level 2 in Carpentry and we will provide you with a startup portfolio which will include all of the evidence and assessment sheets ready for you to use as and when you gather your work based evidence. By registering you for NVQ, you can also gain access to a CSCS Experienced Worker or Trainee card (if you arrange independently to sit a CSCS test) – this will further enhance your access to work.

This is a hands-on, practical carpentry course and you will be involved at every stage and will be participating throughout. It is therefore recommended you bring suitable clothing and for your own safety, steel capped footwear is essential.

Duration & Cost

This is a 12 week course and the cost is £4695.00 including vat. A deposit of £500.00 will secure a booking with the balance payable over the period of the training.

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