NVQ Level 2 Tiling Course

This is the perfect course to take if you want to start earning a living as a Tiler and progress even further to achieving a level 2 NVQ. The content of this 7-week course takes you from the very basics through to a City & Guilds assessment, some plastering training as well as complex pattern training. The NVQ registration will generate a CSCS card for you (once you have sat a CSCS test) so that you can access to site work should that be your choice.

QualificationCity & Guilds 6219-08, Assured Plastering Certificate + NVQ Registration
LocationDartford, Kent (Accommodation Available)
Entry RequirementsNone

7 Weeks (Mon - Fri)


14 Weekends

inc VAT
Easy payments
Flexible Training
Interest Free Payments
Accommodation Available

Duration & Cost

Full Time - 7 weeks

£2,995.00 including vatA £500 deposit will secure a booking and the balance can be paid in 7 weekly instalments of £356.42

Part Time - 14 Weekends
(2 consecutive weekends per month PLUS one full week Mon-Fri)

£2,995.00 including vatA £500 deposit will secure a booking and the balance can be paid in 8 instalments of £311.87 (once per month)

Course details

If you are considering learning to tile but to a level which will give you the opportunity to access ‘site work’ or even to achieve a qualification which could give you access to moving abroad then this 7- week City & Guilds/NVQ tiling course option is the way forward.

Able Skills dedicated Tiling Training Centre has the facilities in place to teach basic, precision, and complex tiling techniques, so much so that we are confident that if you look to commit to 7 weeks with us, we will have you tiling to extreme complexity. We are confident that our staff and facilities can get you to undertake the most difficult of tasks with total confidence. This 7-week tiling course will take you through all the stages of tiling, gradually building your skills from that of a novice to a competent Tiler with the skills to undertake any tiling project - we are looking to cover as much about Tiling and everything associated with it as we can; preparing you for every eventual scenario you may come up against.

The course will cover:

Week 1 will teach you tiling basics, starting from scratch you will learn how to tile both wall and floor areas and gain a complete understanding of the requirements for any area you are planning to tile. Please see our Introductory Tiling course for full details of the content for week 1.

Week 2 is an advanced training week, providing you with the skills to tackle more complex areas and giving you the opportunity to build on your speed, technique, and confidence. Please see our Advanced Tiling course for full details of the content for week 2.

Week 3 is when the assessment of your skills starts. You will be assessed on:

  • Unit 004: Tiling a Plain Wall
  • Unit 116: Cutting and Fixing Tiles to Wet Areas
  • Unit 101: Introduction to Health and Safety

During this week, we will also provide additional training (time permitting) to plan and install wall or floor area for brick effect installation.

Week 4 we will teach you complex pattern work. This program of learning will teach you how to plan and tile in complex pattens (usually herringbone patten). You will be presented with a choice of pattens which you can select from, allocated an area to install/fix and produce a product of work.

What you will learn:

  • Prepare the surface to receive tiles
  • Measure areas to calculate quantities required
  • Select material
  • Mix appropriate adhesives
  • Install to desired patten
  • Ensuring (with your instructors help) that you are working to a domestic and commercial standard of finish whilst also working clean and safe
  • Grout your completed installation

Week 5 is when you will undertake additional assessments. You will be assessed on:

  • Unit 115: Cutting and Fixing Decorative Panels
  • Unit 117: Tiling Floors with a Border

Also in Week five, we will provide additional training listed below (only if time permits and this is dependant on learner progress) We will look to cover Waterproofing requirements for Wet rooms etc and Floor levelling systems so that even the most uneven of floors can be prepared to receive tiles.

Waterproofing / Tanking

We will explain to you how to apply specified tanking systems to wet areas such as a shower cubicle (prior to tiling) which will extinguish any doubt and ensure a tiled installation which should not fail

Floor levelling systems

  • Gauging and mixing of materials
  • Preparing background areas
  • Installation of self-levelling system

Week 6 is all about plastering. If you want to be able to offer a full and valuable service, you will need to appreciate that not all tiling surfaces are ready for you to tile on. As a result, we have incorporated some plastering and rendering training into this package. This will enhance your portfolio of skills and ensure that you do not need to call in and rely on anyone else to complete that particular job. In the allocated week you will learn:

  • Health & Safety and PPE
  • To cut and fix plaster board to walls and ceilings
  • To tape standard and internal joints
  • To cut and fix angle beads around windows and reveals
  • To prepare surfaces before plastering using bonding plaster and finishing plaster, ensuring a flat finished surface ready for decorating
  • To mix plastering materials
  • To skim walls To skim ceilings
  • To apply PVA adhesive Unibond to existing surfaces

Week 7 - By now you will have acquired many new skills. Now that the assessment requirements for the 6219-08 qualification aspect are completed in full you will display your new skills and produce a product of work that is both domestically and commercially acceptable in the real working environment. You will be allocated a workstation that is set up similar to an average domestic bathroom where (to your own design) you produce work that would allow you to work in the real working environment.

We will also provide you with a profiling session for NVQ induction and portfolio guidance.

As you progress through the stages of this course, we will cover aspects of tiling as basic as the use of standard 6” white ceramic tiles, right through to tiling with a wide variety of different tiles however, it isn’t all just about practical skills so there will be a huge emphasis throughout on cleanliness, health and safety and PPE and we will also demonstrate how to quote for jobs and how to quantify in order to place orders for materials etc. All of this additional course information will prove to be very useful when you have completed the course and start working and building your portfolio for NVQ level 2 achievement.

With 7 weeks of constant tiling under your belt you will be ready for anything. The atmosphere at Able Skills Tiling Training Centre is fantastic and encouraging. The busyness of the Centre can reflect reality very well and this adds to the Centres appeal. You will be able to witness different aspects of tiling being undertaken around you and having committed to a 7-week package, you will be able to see exactly what we have in store for you. You will not find training to this extent and quality anywhere else in the Country. We are completely geared up for anything and with our approval as an NVQ assessment Centre we are dedicated to helping you gain the qualifications which state that you are a competent, qualified, and professional Tiler.

Throughout the 7 weeks you will be building a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of what skills you need to have to be a competent tiler. Once you have completed this intensive hands-on Tiling course, we believe that you will be industry ready and able to quote and tender for work and start to build all the evidence you will need, in a real work environment, in order to eventually achieve NVQ level 2.

NVQs are ‘Declarations of Competence’ and as such, cannot be achieved in a simulated environment like a training centre – all we can do here is prepare you for the process and we do this very well. At the end of the course, Able Skills will register you as someone who is working towards achieving NVQ level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling and we will provide you with a start-up portfolio which will include all of the evidence and assessment sheets ready for you to use as and when you gather your work-based evidence. By registering you for NVQ, you can also gain access to a CSCS Experienced Worker or Trainee card (if you arrange independently to sit a CSCS test) – this will further enhance your access to work. When work-based assessments are required, we will arrange for our Assessors to visit you at your place of work. If you complete all of the NVQ units required and have provided evidence of this, Able Skills own Assessors and Internal Verifiers will make a decision on the portfolio’s completeness and eligibility for an NVQ.

Site visits will be charged separately - please call for details

This is a hands-on, practical tiling course and you will be involved at every stage and will be participating throughout. It is therefore recommended you bring suitable clothing and for your own safety, steel capped footwear is essential.

Tiling Courses at Able Skills



All of our courses take place at our dedicated training centre in Dartford, Kent. The centre is easily accessible by road, being just 10 minutes from junction 1a on the M25. We are only a short walk from Dartford train station which is served by frequent trains taking 35 minutes from central London. For anyone travelling from further away, we have our own accommodation available at only £25 per night.

We are open Mon - Fri and 2 weekends per month for training and visitors so if you would like to find out more about this course or about Able Skills, please feel free to pop in, no appointment necessary.

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