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5 Reasons Why The Home Study Electrical Course Could Be For You...

home study electrical courseHome Study options are becoming increasingly more in demand and it's no wonder why, as the flexibility offered on such courses really is hard to turn down. Being no different is our Home Study Electrical Course as it holds all the credentials to starting a prosperous career.

Looking for flexible electrician training? Not sure as to what the benefits are? Well here's 5 reasons to get you thinking about your next move.

  1. Learn in the comfort of your own home!

The Home Study Electrical Course allows you to do exactly what is says. Learning outside of the centre holds the flexibility of the course at its core and its no wonder why more and more people are turning to this style of training.

What about learning at my own pace?

Of course you can. We provide students on this course with their own study packs to learn and go over the material at a pace that suits them.

  1. Study alongside your current job.

A lot of the time, we struggle to pursue the career path we desire due to being tied down in our current roles. This is where the Home Study Electrical Course eradicates this problem. Allowing students to learn theory at home, students can remain in employment as we all know the bills don't pay themselves!

home study electrical courses

  1. Better work/life balance.

The never ending battle between these two may have just got a whole lot easier. Following on from point 2, many of us have young ones to look after and juggling everything can prove highly time consuming. Studying and still being able to spend time with your little one is a bonus many students on this course enjoy.

Let's not forget we need time to ourselves too. The flexible learning approach offered in the Home Study Electrical Course allows for what tends to be a luxury in this day and age. We believe learning should be an activity to enjoy rather than simply another chore on our list of things to do!

  1. Choose your own weeks to come in..

That's right! The practical part of your essential electrician training is taught at our state of the art Electrical Centre. Accompanied by our instructors with years of experience, we guide you to taking another step closer to successfully completing the course. By making the course even more flexible, we let you select your own weeks to come in!

Work looking busy next week? No problem! There's no need to stress as you have the power to come in when it suits you.

  1. home study electrical courseCity & Guilds Accreditation!

Is there really much to say on why a City & Guilds accreditation is so important? Receiving a certificate approved by such awarding body gives you instant world wide recognition! This means being able to work over seas and see the world if you wish to.

Not only does it offer great prospects around the world, but City & Guilds holds the industry standard when it comes to construction training. Don't only take our word for it, feel free to ask your boss and your colleagues about its importance and how it can take your career to the next level.

With the exclusive accreditation being offered on Home Study Electrical Courses, it's no wonder why learning in your own time is an ever growing form of progressing one's career.

There you have it, our 5 main reasons why to select the Home Study Electrical Course. If you would like even more information on this course, please click here.

It may be worth mentioning that once completing such course, you immediately become eligible for undertaking the 17th Edition Regulations Course, as well as the PAT Testing and Inspection and Testing courses too. For more information on these courses, please click here.

Please note for electrical courses such as these, bookings are now available for 2019.


In the mean time, watch the below Real Life Video Review given by one of our previous students on what he thinks of our Home Study option.