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5 Reasons why the Home Study Plumbing Course is for you!

5 Reasons why the Home Study Plumbing Course is for you!


home study plumbing course Able Skills - Home Study Plumbing Course

The Home Study Plumbing Course is another one of our most popular choices here at Able Skills as what better way to become qualified than learning at your own pace? Not only do we offer full time and part time options, but the home study course offers students the ability to receive a world wide recognised qualification in their own time! But before we tell you all the perks of such course so soon, read on to find out our top 5 reasons as to why the Home Study Plumbing Course could be your next move!

Keep your current role

Learning a new skill and gaining a new qualification can be difficult to achieve especially when we all have bills to pay for. Sometimes choosing to embark on a new journey can impose certain risks we are not willing to take. Being able to train alongside your current role is always a bonus as knowing you can still go back to your current role takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders!

Select the weeks you want to train

The Home Study Plumbing Course let's you guys choose the weeks you want to learn the practical aspect of the trade. Once you feel as if you are up to scratch with the theory side of the course, you can then arrange with us which weeks you would like to come in an attend one of our Plumbing Centres. This provides a massive advantage as you it promotes a 'learn at your own pace' style of learning!

Gaining an official City & Guilds Qualification

There's nothing worse than enrolling on a course knowing you won't receive an industry recognised qualifications. Not only does the Home Study Plumbing Course offer you guys a City & Guilds Qualification, but such certificate is recognised world wide! This means you guys will be able to work abroad! How does travelling for work sound? How about Australia? The perks of such accreditation really can take you all over the globe and knowing you can train towards such a qualification makes the Home Study Option that much sweeter.

Better work/ life balance

One thing many of us are tight for is time. 'Oh I'm in a rush' and 'I don't have the time' are both things people may hear us say on a regular basis. This brings us to inform you guys of yet another exclusive perk of the Home Study Plumbing Course; which is the fact that it allows you guys to have a better work/ life balance. Work itself can be stressful enough and can impact the quality of life back at home. Being able to work towards a new career in a stress free manner will help starting a new career that much easier.

Flexible Payments!

Flexible learning and now flexible payments?! Yep! Able Skills allow students to pay in installments as they come on the weeks they selected. Once the initial deposit has been made, feel free to pay the remainder of the course over a period of time.

So whats covered?

City & Guilds Electrician Courses City & Guilds Home Study Plumbing Course

Students can expect to train in the following areas:

  • Health and safety in building services engineering
  • Electrical principles and processes for building services engineering
  • Scientific principles for domestic, industrial and commercial plumbing
  • Common plumbing processes
  • Cold water systems
  • Domestic hot water systems
  • Sanitation
  • Central heating systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Understand how to communicate with others within building services engineering

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