5 Reasons As To Why You Should Study Gas At Able Skills!


We offer a range of different courses here at our training centre - one of our most popular trades to study is Gas that is because we offer comprehensive training suited to new entrants and qualified plumbers looking for quality gas training. Our instructors are all highly knowledgeable on the subject due to their long careers working out in the industry and now as a teacher! Let's look at some more reasons that our facilities are the best option to train from novice to gas safe engineer! 


Gas Training Courses

Gas Training Courses at Able Skills


5 Reasons To Study Gas At Able Skills:


Bpec Accredited: 


Firstly our training centre is Bpec accredited, Bpec or British Plumbing Employers Council is an awarding body for gas qualifications. We have a fantastic partnership with them that means we can award Bpec certificates for many courses including our New Entrant Gas Training Packages - which are the absolute best way to start out, giving you 7-weeks of practical and theoretical knowledge on a variety of essential gas subjects.

Flexible Learning Options: 


Here at Able Skills, we try to cater for as many candidates as possible, we know that not everybody has the spare time to be training here at our centre 5-days a week so we have devised alternative training methods to hopefully give those people an opportunity to try out a trade such as Gas and potentially switch careers...

Weekend Courses:


The first alternative course option is studying on the weekend instead of on a weekday basis - many of our courses now offer this option including our New Entrant Gas Training Packages! You will receive the exact same level of qualification, the only difference in the amount of time it will take you to complete the course in its entirety. However, studying over a series of weekends could be the only options for some of our students!

Home-Study Courses:


Home-study courses? Sounds good, doesn't it! Unfortunately, this option is not available for Gas but for those of you that are planning to pick up the trade of plumbing then take a look at our Home Study Level 2 Plumbing Course! - The two trades are very similar and we know that this is a typical path for candidates to take, especially when looking to become self-employed offering plumbing & gas in conjunction is ideal!

Well...the way these courses work is that you will learn the theoretical sections of your chosen course at home, we will provide a 'home-study pack' and you will have access to an online learning portal known as 'SmartScreen' using these two tools as best  you can you will study at home an familiarise yourself with the information - we recommend taking 3-6 months to revise. You will then book in 4-weeks of practical experience which will need to be completed here at our facility along with assessments!

Now, this is a great option for those who cannot commit to a full 7-weeks, for example, but are flexible and can come in at some point to gain the practical ability and complete exams. You put in the hard work at home and we will help you to the best of our ability to gain professional experience.

Boiler Medic: 


Our partnership with Boiler Medic is of great advantage to our students when looking to complete your portfolio - to become a Gas Safe Engineer you will need to complete a portfolio of gas work to ensure your ability. Traditionally you would have needed to find a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to work alongside but we know this can be difficult, especially as a new entrant. Our Partnership with this respected company means that we can provide one for you, get into contact with us for more information about sourcing an engineer!

High Demand: 


There is always a high demand for gas engineers, but now more than ever with the still abundant skills shortage, gas engineers are finding themselves earning as respectable living...Gas engineers can earn up to £50,000 a year. If you run your own business – the situation of many in the gas trade – these figures could significantly increase.



Here at our training centre, we offer variety in terms of Gas courses to make sure that everybody is catered for...From New Entrant Gas Training Packages to Qualified Plumber Gas Training Packages - we have it all, even Boiler Fault Finding Courses for those looking to gain some more experience with boilers, in particular, ACS assessments and much more!

Additional Information:


If you are looking for some more information regarding the Gas courses talked about throughout this article then do not hesitate to get in contact with an Able Skills representative, you can do this by... Calling: 0808 100 3245 / Emailing: info@ableskills.com / Or simply coming into our office, we have an open policy - meaning we welcome candidates to come in look around our training centre, ask questions and generally we will guide you towards the best options when looking to become a Gas Safe Engineer with the help of our gas courses!

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Gas Courses

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