You may be sat at home thinking about your career and maybe about changing the path you are on. If you are then you should definitely consider a career as a Gas Engineer! With demand for qualified Engineers high at the moment, there has not been a better time in recent history to train for the gas industry. Below we have listed five key reasons that we believe will convince you that a career as a Gas Engineer is for you! 



Obviously, your salary will depend on a lot of different factors like the type of work you complete and where you do it. However, the average salary for a Gas Engineer in the UK is £45,429 per year, this is 30% above the national minimum wage. If you choose to follow a path of self-employment like many of our students aim to do, your earning ability is completely down to you! You can make as much as you want depending on how much work you are willing to complete of course. 

Most entry-level jobs in the industry pay at least £20,000 per year, rising as you gain experience and take on more responsibility. If you go on to achieve Chartered status that can open a door of potential earning of £60,000 or more.

Job Security

Did you know that Gas Engineer Job Ads have risen 636% since last year? Currently, there are 5,915 ads open. As we mentioned the demand for Gas Engineers and the skills they hold are very high at the moment. This is due to the UK finding itself in the middle of a huge skills shortage. So no matter if you choose to follow a domestic path or a commercial path there will always be a demand for your skills and knowledge. 

Challenging Work

If you choose a commercial path through the industry you can expect a variety of challenges day to day in your role. For example, you will regularly have to meet with customers or clients and make sure that the choices they make on products like boilers and so on will meet their requirements. In addition to this, you will need to have the skills and knowledge stored so that you are able to overcome any challenge that you are presented with.

Constant Learning 

In the role of a Gas Engineer, you will always be learning. With no two days ever being the same there will always be something for you to learn. For example, with technology always changing and progressing the systems you are comfortable with could change or progress. In addition to this you may come across tools you have never used before or a client may request you to install a type of boiler that you have never worked with. Once you are out in the industry working Able Skills is able to offer courses for experienced Gas Engineers. Our Boiler Fault Finding Course would be the perfect example of this. 

Career Choices

As we have previously touched on choosing a career as a Gas Engineer means you will be opening lots of doors for yourself. You can head down the self-employed route or stick with the path of regular employment. However, at Able Skills, we have a large number of students that come and attend our courses with one eye on becoming self-employed. It may not be tomorrow, but at some point down the line, they want to reach that goal. And we at Able Skills will give you the tools to get there.

How Can Able Skills Help? 

Here at Able Skills, we offer a variety of Gas Training Courses. No matter if you have no experience at all, or someone working in the industry as a Gas Engineer we can help you gain your next qualifications. If you are someone who is new to the Gas Industry then our New Entrant Gas Training Package may be the one for you! This 7-week course will teach you all the skills that are expected from a modern Gas Engineer.

If you wish to inspect our facilities with your own eyes, we would love to see you in person at our training centre. There is no need to book an appointment just arrive when is best for you, and one of the team will show you around the centre. However, if you cannot make it to us in person please do feel free to give us a call on 01322280202 where one of the team will be happy to discuss the courses we run with you.