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5 Things Students Told Us About Our Electrician Courses!

electrician coursesWe always like to make sure we're doing our job correctly! That's why we caught up with our latest students who are currently undergoing one of our Electrician Courses - The City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course. We spoke to all students up in one of our electrical centres today and asked for honest feedback regarding how they're finding the course and what had stands out to them the most! So here's 5 things students told us about our Electrician Courses...

The Teacher Is Very Knowledgeable!

This was most certainly a popular opinion amongst all the students we asked. They all stated how good their teacher is and how willing they are to give an extra hand when needed. It goes without saying that our electrical instructors have tonnes of experience ranging from teaching, as well as once working on the tools themselves so it's safe to say they hold all the knowledge required to see you through!

The City & Guilds Qualification

One major factor that appeals to students on our Electrician Courses is the fact that they'll receive a City & Guilds certificate at the end of it. For those that may not know, holding a City & Guilds certificate really is recognised throughout the world within the construction industry. This means that if you ever plan on travelling or moving abroad, you will already have a widely recognised certificate under your belt.

Exceeded My Expectations!

In a conversation with one student in particular, they stated that they had no previous experience and were nervous about what to expect. They said of course they were expecting a challenging course, but then went on to explain how they've been looked after so well. They added that they are definitely happy with it and it's most certainly worth it!

The Free CK Toolkit

One perk which not everyone may know is the fact that students who enroll onto our Level 2 Electrical Course receive a free CK Toolkit. All of our students told us just how handy it has been and is definitely a nice touch. By giving students a CK Toolkit, we're helping students secure a stronger future by ensuring they have everything they need in the real world. Whether working for themselves or for a firm, rest assured they'll have the tools to see them by.

The Amount Of Space

electrical courses Able Skills Electrician Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

Now you may have even seen our live videos of our Electrician Courses in action. One reason why we do this is because we're not scared to show the world exactly what goes on. We're the UK's leading training centre and we don't have to do much to prove it! When speaking to our students, they all said about how much room they get and this is evident in the videos and photos we upload on a daily basis!

We pride ourselves on gaining feedback from our students on not only our Electrician Courses, but across all of our courses too. Without feedback, we wouldn't be the UK's leading training provider that sees our centre full on a daily basis! If you would like to find out more about our Electrician Courses, simply click here or search them for yourself!