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Steve is back from Australia to train as a Bricklayer!

Over the past year Steve has been away travelling the world and since September he has been in Australia, but now he is back to train as a Bricklayer at Able Skills.

Whilst Steve has been away his dad has been extremely busy with us at Able Skills. He has completed training in various trades such as plumbing, gas and electrics. Thanks to our training Steve’s dad is now out working within the trade industry.

Steve’s time travelling came to an end and he knew he had to think about his career and he had previously done some labouring work. So after his dad recommended Able Skills to him he decided to get some more information from our website, which he said was very professional and easy to navigate (Thanks Steve!).

Obviously, as Steve was all the way in Australia he found it difficult to book the course from the other side of the world. So he got his dad to book it and we knew straight away who it was, his dad had done so many courses with us and now his son is following in his footsteps at Able Skills.

Here is Steve working on day 4 of his bricklaying course as he hopes to work in Australia! Here is Steve working on day 4 of his bricklaying course as he hopes to work in Australia!

His dad booked his course and only a month after returning from Australia, Steve was back moving away, but this time to the Able Skills accommodation to complete his NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying course.

The accommodation exceeded his expectation and he is very happy with the quality of it. Also, he was glad that it was an easy ten minute walk away from the centre, and of course in this weather it’s not a bad walk.

As the course started this week, Steve has been hard at work since Monday morning and he has been very motivated to learn. He said it is a lot to learn, but he already feels that he is learning with so much practice and practical work in four days.

Before Steve started the course he had never done any bricklaying before. However, as he has started to pick up a trowel he is starting to really enjoy his new trade. Steve was also very happy with the numbers on the course and said it is a very good and relaxed atmosphere to work in, especially with the help of Simon.

Steve has his mind set on returning to Australia to be a Bricklayer and even move into landscaping in the future by shadowing someone in that business. He thought bricklaying was the best trade to get trained in as he can take his skills and qualifications all over the world.

We would like to wish Steve all the best for his bricklaying course!

  • Colin diggins

    Does anyone know if my city and guilds nvq2 in bricklaying is enough to qualify for an lbp license in New Zealand ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated