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Able Skills are helping the Electrician shortage

Throughout the UK there is a shortage of skilled and qualified Electricians to cover a range of different jobs and as the work load increases more and more Electricians are needed. Able Skills are training lots of people in their pursuit of a new career in the electrical industry.

Every year Able Skills run lots of courses to train lots of men and women to become Electricians so they can begin working straight away with their new skills and qualifications. The increase in housing developments and overall building work because of the ongoing housing crisis and this has meant a demand for even more workers. Electricians are very important, as are the other trades and more of them are needed to help with the shortage.

We have recently opened a new centre at Able Skills to run more electrical courses. We have recently opened a new centre at Able Skills to run more electrical courses.

Lots of people have seen this as an opportunity to retrain and begin a new career. As an IET Centre of Excellence, Able Skills has been a very popular choice for a lot of people’s choice of training centre. We have been extremely busy at our centre in Dartford and lots of students have come and gone and started their new careers within the electrical industry.

So busy in fact that we have built a new electrical training centre to run even more courses to allow even more students to train with us. With our new centre opening just last week it has already been used by one of our current level 2 electrical groups at Able Skills. All our students have had high praise for our electrical courses and so far they have enjoyed using our new training facilities.

There is still a shortage of Electricians, however, due to the contribution of us at Able Skills the skills gap is closing. More Electricians are needed across the UK and you can start training in 2017 with us in Dartford. We even offer fantastic accommodation for just £20 a night if you are planning to travel from quite a distance. Our offer of full time and weekends courses have proved to be very popular and flexible for all our students.

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