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Able Skills Business Bookings - Get your Team Qualified!

Able Skills Business Bookings - Get your Team Qualified!


18th Edition Business Bookings at Able Skills

Get your team on the same page by undertaking Electrician Training at the same time with Able Skills Business Bookings! Able Skills are proud to accommodate for big groups to ensure the team grows together! This is something we have offered businesses for quite a while now and it's no wonder why we remain the number one Electrician Training provider throughout the UK.

For those that may not be aware, we are an IET Centre of Excellence and offer Electrical Courses ranging from The 18th Edition, all the way to The NVQ Level 3. In addition to these, Able Skills are proud to host Electrical Assessments in our exclusive AM2 Centre.


Teaching excellence with industry experts


Teaching is a key area to ensuring that what we teach you stays with you for life. Now what better way to learn than have someone who has previously been in the same shoes as you as your instructor? All of our instructors here are industry experts who have been through the qualification process and then built up their on site experience to the point where they can now show others the ropes. The amount of experience amongst all our instructors here at Able Skills equates to centuries worth of knowledge and experience and its a real bonus knowing you'll have that on your side.

Flexible Electrician Training with Home Study and Weekend Courses


Electrician Training doesn't have to get in the way of full time work. Many of us have existing responsibilities and cannot afford to dedicate time to career enhancement Monday to Friday. It's exactly here where Able Skills Home Study and Weekend options come into play as we're able to offer the same City & Guilds Qualifications to students who wish to train around their current jobs.

If additional flexibility is what you're after for your company, block bookings can be made here and we have more than enough space to accommodate for large groups. Whether it be through theoretical or practical tasks, our class rooms and work areas are known to get numerous students on the path to success at the same time.

City & Guilds Electrician Courses at Able Skills

Those that train together stay together!


The same instructors understand that having your team work together will certainly be an advantage in terms of building a stronger workforce. Not only is ongoing support available through side by side tutoring, but having a group train together will see only see improved efficiency too. Imagine when applying the newly found skills on site, all members of the team will be able to offer a helping hand should anyone need any immediate support. We can arrange to supply an entire classroom and practical areas purely dedicated to your company!

Tailored Qualifications to suit your needs


Now we promise you that we have excellent facilities and instructors to be by your side when training, but another advantage of the Electrician Courses here at Able Skills is we have the ability to tailor the Electrician Training to your specific needs. Be sure to give us a call on 0808 100 3245 to discuss things further and we can look at pricing for your block booking. Don't forget that we are open 7 days a week 8.30 - 4.30 and we always welcome visitors! If you fancy a closer look at the centre, we'll be more than happy to show you around!

Save on hotel bills and other travel expenses too!


When taking into consideration the high number of students training towards their Electrician Courses with us, you can imagine the diversity we see here at Able Skills. Whether you're travelling from Northern England or overseas, you are entitled to our exclusive accommodation situated just 5-10 minutes away from our Training Centre. For as little as £20 a night, we help training become even easier. With multiple rooms available, get in contact to see if we can get your team in together! After all, it beats having to spend time commuting in the morning hey!

Like we said earlier, if you would like a closer look at our centre here in Dartford, please feel free to turn up unannounced. A member of our office staff will be happy to show you around and answer any queries you may have. In the mean time, if you would like a full list of the Electrical Courses and Electrician Training we provide, please click here.