Able Skills are always about helping people achieve their goals. Whether it be through helping them train towards the career they're after or even helping local aspiring dancers make it to the 'Olympics of Irish Dance'. With what sounds like a huge difference, it makes no difference to us if it means people achieve their dreams. Having recently donated a total of £5,000 to a group of Irish Dancers over at the Deborah Whelan Dance School in Dulwich, a talented young group of girls now get the opportunity to showcase their talent in this years World Championships in North Carolina.

Here's what Deborah Whelan had to say about the generous donation:


"We are absolutely delighted with the donation and the opportunity it allows the dancers. Flights and accommodation to Greensboro are, as you imagine, very expensive and some parents of children who have been lucky enough to qualify for the World Championships, can't afford to go.

This sponsorship from Able Skills helps all six girls to get to America and the opportunity to take part in the largest and best competition they can. I am very grateful to Able Skills for their Generosity" 

We often boast of many student stories telling us how glad they were to finally take a leap of faith in a career that not only earns them more money, but in a way that helps them become their own boss too. Having seen countless students come to Able Skills and surpass their own expectations is a beautiful thing to see and the same goes for a young group of girls going for their dreams!

The above picture shows our feature in the Southwark News Paper  of dancer Maisie Ryan and teacher Deborah Whelan with their story. As stated in the paper, the owner of Able Skills had a few positive words to share:

Construction Training at Able Skills

"Able Skills are happy to help local people achieve their goals whether it is going to the Irish Dancing World Championships, or anyone coming to to get qualified in one of our Gas, Electricity or Construction Courses"

And through future donations and the following training courses we will continue to help!