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Able Skills now offers Carpentry up to Level 3

This is an example of some of the student's work that is carried out at Able Skills Carpentry Department. Able Skills now offers Carpentry up to Level 3.Josh Iddon attended the 12 week Carpentry & Joinery City & Guilds courseHaving decided to retrain as a carpenter I looked on the internet for information on how to go about this. I quickly found Able Skills website and decided to book myself onto a 12 week Carpentry and Joinery course (6217-02 & 6217 05-06 + NVQ).To begin with I was slightly apprehensive before starting the course as I wasn't sure if it was going to be like being back at school again (which I was never a fan of!). Thankfully, it's nothing like that! You can come and go as you please and learn at your own rate. I have been very pleased with the way the training is given. You are shown how to do the task and then can get on with it on your own, but with Tim or Paul close by if help is needed. I personally find this much easier without having someone watching over your shoulder constantly.The instructors Tim and Paul are very knowledgeable and experienced carpenters and I have found them both to be great teachers. They quite often have slightly different, but equally good ways of doing tasks. I've found this to be a good thing as you can see and practise different methods of doing things. Although 12 weeks isn't going to turn anyone into a fully fledged master carpenter, I now feel very confident enough that I could get work as a capable improving carpenter for other companies. Like driving, I think the main learning will come after you've passed the test.There are very few things I believe could be improved on. For example, I think sometimes there were a few too many people on the course. This isn't too bad if most students have been on the course a few weeks but when a few newbies start it can take a while to get help or advice as the new students requite more time. When the student numbers are high this can create a problem with tools too, with most being used.Please don't let any of that put you off Able Skills, I have been extremely happy with the training I've received and have met a lot of people/friends on the carpentry course who have all have been very pleased too.To sum up, anyone thinking of training at Able Skills should just go and have a look around the training centre, have a chat with the instructors and students and I am sure you will be impressed.Many Thanks Able Skills, Josh.