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Able Skills stepping up the Gas Training

Gas Training is very important and doing it the right way will save lives. Our gas courses at Able Skills are extremely popular and we believe that students need to train the right way and not take any shortcuts.

Here at Able Skills we offer various gas training packages for people looking to take different learning paths. We are now offering a new package of learning that involves five weeks of training and portfolio.

Our new package is split into five stages which incorporates the five-week gas safety training. This is to allow our students more practical experience and to gain a higher standard of pipe working skills to be able to install cold and hot water heating systems that they will be working with in the industry. This will also give them theory knowledge on all the systems and appliances. We believe this enables our students to be more employable in the future due to a higher standard of training, skills, and knowledge they will come away with.

This new route of gas training also incorporates a work placement to allow our students to complete their portfolio with a successful business, this is stage four of the package.

We will place you with a Gas Safe Engineer employed by Boiler Medic. The owner of Boiler Medic completed his Gas Safety training, portfolio, and ACS with us at Able Skills nine years ago, and is now looking to help new entrants trained by Able Skills. This will allow our students to get the guidance throughout the portfolio process that will make sure they cover all areas needed to complete the portfolio.

Being a former student of Able Skills, the owner of Boiler Medic understands exactly what is required for the portfolio and will make sure our students meet the correct requirements. The range of work that will be completed during the work placement will without doubt meet the requirements of the portfolio. Additional experiences are also made available such as, boiler repairs and fault finding which compliments the Able Skills Boiler Fault Finding course, which will also increase employability.

As an employer, John, the owner of Boiler Medic will be looking to gain staff for his business. If our students completing the portfolio are successful they have the opportunity of an interview and possible job with Boiler Medic.

Once all the portfolio is completed successfully and to the right standard you will then come back to us at Able Skills and complete the ACS assessments. You will need to complete your CCN1 to make you eligible for Gas Safe registration. This is an initial assessment that is completed over a five-day period.

We are stepping up our gas training at Able Skills with a new centre and new course! We are stepping up our gas training at Able Skills with a new centre and new course!

Throughout the new package these are the five stages that you will go through:

Stage 1 - Pipe-work Skills: Copper Pipe and Low Carbon Steel

This five-day (or 2 weekends) course will provide you with the pipe skills required to undertake gas work to an acceptable and safe standard. During this course we will teach you how to solder copper pipe and how to deal with low carbon steel. You will undertake assessments throughout the week so that we are satisfied that you have fully grasped these skills which will ensure safety when eventually, you are dealing with gas related situations and appliances.

Stage 2 – Heating controls, Airing Cupboards and Radiators

This five-day (or 2 weekends) course will provide additional skills which will see you better placed and ready for your portfolio placement. This training will simulate real working environments and give you the opportunity to put the skills from week 1 into practice before you start work in people’s homes.

Stage 3 - Domestic Gas Safety Training – BPEC Foundation Certificate

For new entrants to the gas industry, Able Skills provides a 3 week (or weekends) comprehensive managed learning programme which covers all aspects of domestic gas work and gas safety which will prepare you for working on various gas appliances. This new entrant's gas training course is a real mix of workshop and classroom study to ensure that all aspects of domestic gas and related appliances are covered.

Progress is monitored with regular practical and written assessments and all evidence is recorded and retained for any Governing body to view at any time; these strict control methods safeguard all candidates and assessors and ensure that accurate, quality Gas training is delivered.

Stage 4 - Work Placement (Portfolio Completion)

Part of the process to becoming Gas Safe registered is to prove competence working on various aspects of gas. This will need to be undertaken under the supervision of a Gas Safe Registered Engineer whereby a portfolio is completed detailing the gas work that has been done, supported by photographic evidence and signed by your Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Able Skills are able to arrange this placement for you with established company, Boiler Medic, taking the hassle out of you searching for a suitable Gas Safe Engineer.

Stage 5 - ACS (Approved Certification Scheme)

During this final hurdle, you will undertake assessment to achieve CCN1 (Core Gas Safety) and then any appliances which you are eligible to undertake (this is determined by the evidence in your work based portfolio). Able Skills is approved by BPEC for the purposes of Gas Assessment and successful candidates will receive certification for their CCN1 and Appliances from BPEC.

Our gas courses are extremely popular here at Able Skills, with the payments for the course you will pay a deposit and then the remaining balance of the course is split up each week of the course. This makes it easier for our students to afford the course as they pay weekly rather than paying one large sum.

If you are interested in our new gas package we recommend coming down to our centre and having a look around our new gas centre and have any questions answered that you may have. If you are travelling from further out, we have our own accommodation at a price of £20 a night. Contact us on 0808 100 3245 for more information about our courses.