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Able Skills partners with YESSS Electrical!

We are working very closely with electrical suppliers, YESSS Electrical. They are a fast growing electrical suppliers who Able Skills are now working with to allow our students to easily set up accounts with them to give them a good start in their new careers.

YESSS have over 400 branches all over the UK and Europe and they continue to grow every week after 37 years of business. Able Skills are now working with a lot of these branches within the M25 area. In total we are working with eight different branches.

yesss Our students can now create an account with YESSS Electrical.

Members of YESSS are now able to book a course and put the cost onto their YESS account. This is a great opportunity as the customers of YESSS electrical get to book a course very easily and put it onto their account.

Also, this gives the chance for our students to start up and account with YESSS easily through Able Skills. Our students that are starting their careers in the electrical industry can get an account with an electrical supplier straight away through the partnership YESSS has with Able Skills.

The customers at YESSS will be able to get a brochure from their local store and they will then be able to book the electrical course. They will be able to take courses for Level 2 Electrical, Level 3 Electrical, 17th Edition, Inspection and Testing and many more electrical courses.

YESSS are continuing to grow, as well as Able Skills and this partnership will allow new Electricians to get an account with a top electrical supplier. Also, it allows account holders from YESSS to find us and to then book a course at Able Skills and put it onto their account.

If you want to find out where your nearest YESSS Electrical store is please click here. Also, if you want to book a course at Able Skills we are based in Dartford in Kent and we welcome any visitors who may be interested in an electrical course.

Start your electrical career by training at Able Skills and start by getting your suppliers for YESSS Electrical.