Over the past few months at Able Skills hundreds of different students have been in and out training and gaining qualifications for a new career. However, up in our carpentry centre we regularly see some great projects from students on carpentry and joinery courses.

A regular carpentry student at Able Skills will begin their first day with very little or no woodwork skills at all and they will underestimate what they will be capable of doing six weeks down the line. Every student always ends up shocked with what they are able to achieve during their courses.

After completing all the basics and standard parts of the City & Guilds Carpentry and Joinery course, many students will move onto a project. It is fair to say some of the projects are fantastic and it really shows just how well our students work and how much they achieve in a short amount of time.

I have picked out five personal woodwork favourites that past students have come up with:

  1. Bird House – This was made by a student that was looking for a career change after he was getting bored of his normal job and wanted to do some carpentry and joinery as it suited him a lot better. He made a fantastic bird house and for someone that was new to carpentry and joinery, it was very good.Carp2
  2. Heart Cabinet – The next student found the end of his course just before Valentine’s Day and he decided to make something special for his wife. So he put his new cabinet making skills to go use and made a cabinet with heart handles.Carp3
  3. Park Bench/Picnic Table – A female student, who completed her course over the weekends, built without doubt my favourite piece of woodwork. At first it looked like a standard park bench but then it folded over into a picnic bench and it is loved by all instructors at Able Skills and is used daily.Carp6
  4. Coffee Table – This was very out of the ordinary compared to the other great projects. This student built a coffee table from a part of a tree and it looked very good once he had finished and he took it home to use.Carp4
  5. Staircase – Finally this last piece is fairly normal, however this student executed it perfectly and it was fantastic and carpentry instructor, Tim loved showing it off to new students.Carp1

A lot can be accomplished on our carpentry and joinery courses at Able Skills and these students put their skills to the test and they achieved great things.

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