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Amid mason shortage, next generation of bricklayers prepares to fill the gap

Many experienced, middle-aged bricklayers left the trade for steadier jobs, and they didn’t come back when construction work picked up, time to take a bricklaying course!


The next generation of bricklayers are set to take over the industry; in recent years there has been a decline in overall tradesmen working in the masonry field. When as of recent the demand due to the massive amount of new construction going up, its time for the youth to take over this industry and get involved with bricklaying.

The classic trade is always, needed some say there is fear of machines taking this role however there will always be bricklayers. Some masons said part of the problem for the current shortage is that schools don’t promote the trades as viable careers. Without major shifts in the way educators discuss post-secondary education and career options, the problem will get worse. We here at Able Skills are promoting bricklaying courses as a viable way to get into an ever-increasing market and gain a steady income.

Parents may discourage trades for different reasons, some may think that it’s a dangerous field to get into, but we teach the health and safety regulations needed to stay safe in the workplace and on site. With our training, you will understand the codes and conventions of bricklaying completely.


In terms of people not thinking it’s a valuable career option for young people to be thinking about, Bricklayers around the country earn an average of £42,034, according to research by the Federation of Master Builders. If that isn’t a steady income then I don’t know what is. Bricklaying is a steady, honest way to make a living.

Around 230,000 new construction workers are needed by 2020 to support the development and refresh an ageing workforce. There is no shortage of work in this industry and everybody will have the opportunity to develop and be a part of this market, residential, industrial commercial building are all on the rise and all need bricklayers. People often get into jobs that are competitive and are hard to get work in, working towards a lesser paycheque.

Most young people see construction as offering fewer benefits and opportunities compared with other industries. As a result, the industry struggles to recruit young people from a wider range of academic backgrounds beyond the vocational disciplines. Those who do enter the industry frequently find that the working environment does not motivate them to fulfil their potential and that the skills development opportunities are inadequate.

A good deal of practical hands-on and constructive work is a lot more rewarding than administrative desk work that lacks sight of any productive outcome. I value construction professionals who start life learning site skills and who develop a real appreciation of the building and engineering processes.

bricklaying course Bricklaying courses here at Able Skills

Take a Bricklaying Course:


If your serious about taking up this trade, then consider taking an intensive 8-week bricklaying course with us that will prepare you for real-world work and the confidence to carry out bricklaying as a profession:

The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to access the Bricklaying industry and give you the opportunity to work towards an NVQ level 2. Once you have completed your 8 weeks of intensive, hands-on bricklaying course training, you will then be industry ready which is where you need to be in order to achieve the Bricklaying NVQ.

We have great facilities, and teachers here at Able Skills that can help you with any questions and queries you have along the way, this course is meant to lay a foundation of knowledge for you to take not only the practical ability but also the understanding of the entire process.

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