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Another Milestone For The Regulation of Electricians!

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In recent times, there has been much debate about introducing some form of regulation for Electricians, much like how the Gas Safe Register regulates Gas Engineers across the country.

By having some form of regulation in place, this would safeguard the public from rogue traders and in turn represent a stamp of legitimacy for the public looking to employ an electrician.

There have been many cases in which rogue traders have claimed they are real Electricians who have undergone all relevant Electrical Courses and Electrician Training. However, the same rogue traders have not only stolen the public's money, but have left the work to a sub standard condition and even left the work in hazardous conditions.

This has all fueled the fire to what has just been announced...

Scottish Conservative MSP (member of Scottish Parliament) Jamie Halcro Johnston has officially got the ball rolling by introducing what's called a Member's Bill to the Scottish Parliament. This is truly the first step towards regulating the profession of Electricians across Scotland and many think it has the power to make it's way over to the rest of the UK should it be successful. The whole campaign has received a massive push by SELECT (the electrotechnical trade association based in Scotland) and this is music to their ears as their managing director had some great words to share on the news.

Alan Wilson said

“This is a very welcome step and encourages us in our long-running campaign to make it illegal for anyone who is unqualified to call themselves an electrician in Scotland.

Over 100 professions are currently protected in law, including gas engineers, but not electricians. Jamie Halcro Johnston is leading the way in highlighting the serious dangers that work carried out by unqualified electricians can create.”

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The next step would be to introduce a Protection of Title as the Scottish Government haven't as of yet made an official decision for introducing protection for the profession. Alan went on to say that

“We recently met Jamie to provide him with an update on the last Working Group meeting and we see the work he is doing on protection of title as part of a package of measures which will be necessary to protect the Scottish public.”

“The Scottish Government has dithered around the regulation of electricians. It has been discussed and discussed again, without any real commitments ever seeing the light of day.

“Electrical safety is vitally important. Every year, there are incidents of shocks and fires caused by electrical malfunctions. It is important that people carrying out electrical work are qualified and able to do so.”

The Campaign has received great support

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It's worth noting that the proposition is steadily backed by other bodies within the construction industry such as the Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB) and Unite the Union.

It seems to be a long time coming and many think that once successful in Scotland, it will only be a matter of time before we see Electricians being regulated in the rest of the UK.

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