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Another Step Forward For Professional Recognition Of Electricians

electrician trainingMany argue that one thing the construction industry is lacking, is professional recognition for Electricians. This is something that has been spoken about for a while but has made particular noise in the past year as SELECT (the electrotechnical trade association based in Scotland) has done a great job in increasing the awareness of the campaign.

Electricians make up a huge sector of those that work within the construction industry and this means a lot of work done for the benefit of the public, with no formal way for us to tell who has undergone essential Electrician Training. From huge commercial projects, to work done on a domestic level, we are all at the mercy of tradesmen we allow ourselves to trust. There have been many cases of rogue traders leaving work in a hazardous condition and has lead to both accidents and death. With many rogue traders lying about the Electrician Training they've received, the aim of this campaign in a nutshell is to finally give those who are fully qualified Electricians a professional title. Making a lot of noise in Scotland, we think it could be a good idea to bring to the rest of the UK!

Another Step Forward!

It's now being reported that the campaign has taken yet another step forward as more and more recognised organisations are backing the move. These include organisations like, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS); the Scottish Association of Landlords, the Specialist Engineering Contractors’ Group, the Association of Electrical Safety Managers, Energy Action Scotland, BAM Construction, the Scottish Building Federation, the Federation of Master Builders, the Energy Saving Trust, Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB) and Unite the Union.

With the major point behind the campaign being that electrical work is an issue of public safety, it's makes logical sense for groups like these to make sure such points are heard and the public are kept in the know. With what seems like it will certainly happen in the future, here's what some of the supporting organisations have to say on the matter...

"The RICS supports the campaign to introduce Protection of Title, which would ensure that anyone calling themselves an electrician in Scotland would have to hold appropriate qualifications"

“BAM supports the importance of using professionals in all aspects of construction. It is vital that we ensure only properly trained and qualified people carry out these works.”

The Scottish Association of Landlords said:

“We support the importance of using professional electricians in all types of construction work, be they multi-million pound contracts or small domestic works.”

Here's what Alan Wilson, Acting Managing Director at SELECT had to say:

“The Wall shows in a dramatic fashion the strength of feeling that exists within the construction sector about the issue of professional recognition.

“The issue has been raised and debated in the Scottish Parliament and this week (January 24) Jamie Hepburn, the Scottish Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills, will be hosting a Working Group to consider how  a legal requirement for electricians to be regulated could be introduced.”

electrician training Able Skills Electrician Training is City & Guilds Accredited

“We would like to thank the very significant and influential number of organisations which have given time and support to this vital campaign and we can assure them that SELECT will continue to press the issue towards a satisfactory conclusion.

It's worth noting that SELECT's members equate to 1250 companies which account for around 90% of all electrical installation work carried out in Scotland. All in all, they have a collective turnover of around £1 billion and provide employment for 15,000 people... Now they're some big numbers!

Being for a good cause, do you agree it's finally time to regulate the trade just like Gas Safe do for Gas Engineers. If it means distinguishing who has undergone all necessary Electrician Training and who hasn't, then surely it's a no brainer! Public safety matters first!